Feature Tiles For Bathroom: Hit Or Miss?

Feature Tiles For Bathroom: Hit Or Miss?

An effective way to add some excitement, the addition of feature tiles for bathrooms is growing in popularity. Also, considering that it doesn’t involve the whole bathroom, but just an accent wall, it is not as expensive as you might imagine.

If you’re searching for a quick and inexpensive way to refresh your bathroom, and at the same time give it a unique look, look no further than adding a bathroom feature wall.

The concept of the bathroom feature wall had its origins with the feature tiles for bathrooms – single tiles often with a picture that are placed sparingly in bathrooms or kitchens.

Like border tiles, which are placed in rows around the perimeter of the bathroom, these provide a focal point for the eyes. These days, of course, an accent wall in a bathroom covers one entire wall.

Where Should Your Bathroom Feature Wall Be Placed?

Generally, the most common place to have a feature wall is the wall against which the bath or vanity is placed. In some cases, such as in a small bathroom, a chic alternative is to create a bathroom niche that itself features unique tiles.

Similarly, there is always the mini-feature wall option. Usually positioned behind the mirror and vanity, this option gives the modern look at a fraction of the cost.

Types Of Feature Tiles For Bathrooms

Mosaic Tiles

Nothing says elegance like mosaic tiles. With so many styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from, in several finishes such as glass and metallic, mosaic tiles really do enable you to create something one-of-a-kind in your bathroom.

Floor Tiles

Using floor walls as feature tiles for bathrooms has become a popular idea. Often, dark and light colours are set together to deliver a dramatic contrast.

Alternatively, specific floor tiles and the unexpected finish they present in comparison to the other walls of your bathroom are enough to create that desired focal point.

Fish-scale Tiles

With their distinct shape, fish scale tiles are an organic choice in feature tiles for bathrooms. As with all tiles used in this way, colour choice is key. A bright fish scale feature wall paired with muted cream on the other walls is one of many stunning options.

Textured Tiles

In some cases, the success of a feature wall bathroom can completely come down to texture. Texture can be contrast enough to mark a wall as a feature, if you would prefer to avoid different or flashy colours.

While feature walls should clearly stand out, the contrasts don’t have to be too obvious and should definitely not end up being overwhelming. The use of complementary and well thought out colours can be a highly fruitful option.


A last worthwhile tip is to ensure that you use your feature wall as an opportunity to bring out, and never limit, the sense of space in the bathroom.

Feature tiles for bathrooms are something that should put your money in. When you put faucets and towel rails aside, it really ends up being the tiles that make the biggest first impression when you walk into a bathroom.

So not only should you look up plenty of the copious variety of bathroom tile ideas to make sure you get the room of your dreams, but you should also get your tiles professionally installed by professional bathroom tilers to help make your renovation go without a hitch.

Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Polished Concrete Floors

Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Polished Concrete Floors

Choose a polished concrete floor is more than only the aesthetic appearance, but the improvement of air inside and the reduction of bills are more important. Conventional flooring like vinyl, tiles, wood and epoxy coverings are fitted with germs and stains between the tiles. In the case of other floor coverings, they may give way under the UV light of the sun to their markings, flash, scrap, rip and yellow. However, you do not have to go through any of these dangers with the concrete floor, but a simple polish will keep your floor brilliant for the following years.

The polished concrete floor in Sydney is one of the most creative and affordable approaches. It has become more common in every house and business building.

Some of the reasons why a polished concrete floor is needed here are as discussed in this article:

Removal Of Dust

When concrete is left on your floor unpolarized, little dust particles are pushed to the surface, which again circulates in the air, contaminating the air quality. Furthermore, these particles of dust may damage your concrete floor surface and make it very costly to maintain it further. Thus, it is very clean and smooth to polish your floor.

 levelling Of The Surface

The polishing of the concrete surface turns a tiny, porous surface into a thick structure. This polish inhibits the penetration of oil, water and other pollutants.


Polishing makes the floor more robust and avoid the deterioration of the concrete flooring. Polarizing your concrete floor may break it down with age due to rain, temperature fluctuations, surface tension, unsound cleansing, delamination, and many more. Polishing enhances the concrete surface and hardens it to avoid external damage.

Polished Concrete Floors In Sydney

Energy saving

During the day, you do not need a polished concrete floor to turn on your lights. The reflectivity of the polish on the concrete floor reflects and optimizes the natural light to the degree that artificial light is not required. It is claimed that this power-saving facility saves a significant amount of money over a year.

More Friction Than Other Floor Coatings

A polished concrete surface may seem like glass, yet its friction exceeds any normal flooring material. The polished, dry or wet concrete floor typically complies with industrial requirements, making it harder to slide surfaces. Therefore, you do not have endless advantages from the choice of concrete polishing for your floor but are also one of the most affordable methods for a better life.

Professional in all polishing areas. From floors, desks and furniture to walls. Anything, which can be shaped and placed in concrete, maybe shinily polished.

The polished concrete flooring in Sydney offers a fantastic view and preserves a feeling of elegance and individuality. Places with concrete polish are more likely than those with this polishing on the flooring to attract many people. Furthermore, concrete polishing gives the homeowners a feeling of safety since it may be long before any repair or renovation occurs, once the concrete polishing has been done, in any event.

Understand The Advantages Of Using Hardwood Floors In Your Kitchen!

Understand The Advantages Of Using Hardwood Floors In Your Kitchen!

The kitchen is a high-traffic area in most houses. With all of the spills, stains, and scraps that come with the breakfast, lunch, and dinner rush, your kitchen floor is bound to be the dirtiest in the home!

Consider the following factors: durability, sustainability, and ease of cleaning, and you’ll find a floor that meets your kitchen’s specific requirements. It’s possible that this is why so many people consider hardwood flooring to be the best long-term option, says the expert from the kitchen resurfacing Liverpool store. So, what makes hardwood flooring so appealing in your kitchen? The following are advantages of putting hardwood floors in your kitchen.

Elegant Appearance

The overall appearance of your kitchen may have an impact on the rest of your house. When it comes to interior design, balancing style and practicality may be challenging; often the most practical solutions aren’t the prettiest! That is, however, where hardwood flooring truly shines.

Hardwood flooring can totally polish and alter a space, ensuring that this common meeting area is both warm and welcoming. The natural tones of hardwood floors from the kitchen resurfacing Liverpool store can create a warm feeling that no other material can match. Each type of hardwood has its own character and may fit into your personal taste, with tones ranging from dark to light.


Scuffs and marks are to be expected in the kitchen, which is regarded as the main centre in every family. That being stated, you must select a flooring option from the kitchen resurfacing Liverpool showroom which will endure the test of time despite being subjected to everyday abuse! Because of the strength and durability of hardwood, you can be confident that your kitchen flooring will last for many years.

Cleaning Is Simple

Kitchens, without a doubt, are prone to messes. But don’t be concerned. Stains and grime do not adhere to the surface of hardwood floors in the same way that they do to other flooring alternatives, making cleaning a breeze.

Hardwood flooring is very easy to maintain on a day-to-day basis. You may want to have your hardwood floors refinished on a frequent basis to keep them looking new, but according to a specialist from kitchen resurfacing Liverpool firm, when it comes to normal maintenance, a weekly clean regimen is all you need. All your floors need is a fast vacuum and sweeping with a mop to get them back in tip-top form.

Unlike tile, it is softer and warmer.

Natural wood, in both an aesthetic and a physical sense, invariably radiates a sensation of warmth. Hardwood flooring, in fact, feels warmer underfoot. Tiles frequently retain cold, which may be nice in the summer but can be oppressive in the winter. Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, keeps their warm, inviting feel throughout the year adds kitchen resurfacing Liverpool expert. 

Increases the value of your home

Wooden floors do, in fact, add value to your property. If you ever decide to sell your house, potential purchasers would frequently choose ageless wood over chipped tiles. Investing in good hardwood flooring today will pay off in the long term, so if the price is an issue, you should rethink.