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When organising a move, we all give different considerations to our priorities. While some might choose to take things slowly, loading and unloading at their own time, others might prefer things go quickly and settle in their new home as soon as possible. Whatever the situation, moving containers like POD storage provides a variety of options for planning the move you require.

We will discuss the fundamentals of moving with PODS in this blog post, including what they are, how they operate, and how much can fit inside. Let’s start now!


PODS is the first company to have produced all of those portable pod storage units you see on the road, in driveways, or parked in one of their 230 storage facilities across the country (Portable on-demand Storage).

With over 4 million deliveries and more than 900,000 long-distance transfers to their credit, it is acceptable to assume that they are the top “you pack it, they move it” moving container companies.

What are PODS?

PODS are transportable steel and aluminium pod storage containers that can be delivered directly to your house, place of business, or another location you specify. You can keep it for however long you need after it is at your location, and a monthly fee will apply. Their most well-liked characteristics include the following :

  • Your delivery and pickup dates are flexible.
  • available pod storage space for whenever long you require
  • Security locks on the container’s translucent roof allow sunlight to enter
  • Free coverage for up to $10,000
  • Average rating of 4.48/5 by customers

The size of PODS

There are three different container sizes: 7′, 12′, and 16′. But each one has a steel frame, an aluminium skin, and a steel roll-up door.

Your home’s size and the number of rooms you plan to fit within will determine the size you need. 

What is the cost of moving PODS?

Studio apartments and huge houses, as well as local and long-distance migrations, can all be accommodated by PODS. Naturally, costs can increase based on how many and for how long you require POD storage. Remember that PODS sends monthly invoices.

As you can see, compared to other moving container firms, PODS may be more expensive when considering a sizable, long-distance relocation. However, some of its unique qualities, such as the following, may justify the cost:

  • The ease of storing the container for however long you need
  • They have one of the nation’s most extensive networks of storage facilities.
  • Avoid transporting a trailer loaded with your furnishings across states.
  • According to their client testimonials, operations and logistics are seamless.

How precisely does PODS operate?

Let’s discuss how to organise your move if you choose to use PODS.

Call them or use their online estimator.

There are a few options for scheduling your PODS. On their website, you may create your schedule according to your needs and how much gear you have. You must dial the PODS line if you’re preparing to travel a great distance.

Schedule your date.

Your container will be transported to your location once the specifics have been worked out. You are free to keep the containers on your property for as long as you need to, but keep in mind that they charge per minute, so if you stay longer than a month, you will be charged for an additional day.

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