How to quickly cut back rows of tiles?

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Are you planning to cut down the tiles in your space? Many amateur craftsmen who do the laying of floor tiles with their own hands make the mistake of placing a wall row on only one side of the room. Professional tilers mark up and begin laying whole rows of tiles from the centre of the room. Due to this, the edges remain the exact distances, which are then filled with cut-out parts of the solid tile created using a sigma tile cutter.

The direct and immediate task of the grinder is to grind, polish and clean. But, thanks to a special sigma tile cutter, this tool is so convenient that craftsmen use it for cutting and sawing various materials. A sigma tile cutter can cut concrete and brick for laying pipes and cables, gouge walls, cut metal, wood, and drywall.

Quite effectively, this cutter can cut ceramic tiles for cladding a bathroom or kitchen. And although a special tool (tile cutter) is provided for such a procedure, the sigma tile cutter copes with the task very well. And if you know some tricks and nuances, you can get a significantly even cut without chips and cracks.

How to cut wall tiles?

 To quickly measure a wall tile of the desired size, you need to carry out the following operations:

  1. Put the tiles on the already attached whole tiles of the penultimate row, precisely aligning their edges.
  2. Take another tile and lay it so that one side touches the wall and the other two coincide with the sides of the single tile.
  3. After that, it remains to take a pencil and draw a cutting line, while the edge of the top tile serves as a ruler.
  4. Then the tile is cut along the marked line, and the required piece is obtained.

Laying wall tiles around corners 

The same technique is used for cutting tiles laid near corners. Only the operation is repeated two times while obtaining both sides of the corner. First, align the tile with the whole tile on one side of the corner. Put another tile on top and mark the cutting line. Then transfer the same tile to the other side of the corner and draw a second cut line. As a result of the intersections of the lines, the contour of the corner is obtained. 

It is clear that the sigma tile cutter works better, without dust and the risk of ruining everything. It cuts tiles of various thicknesses very carefully. For a one-time minor repair, it is better to buy the cutter for cutting ceramic tiles. At home, with the help of angle grinders, you can smoothly cut any tile without any problems, especially if you already have the skills to work with this tool.

There are many best and professional sigma tile cutters in the city. If you want excellent work, it is always advisable to hire the best tile cutter and look for the quality first. 

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