Elegant Tiles For Modern Houses

Elegant Tiles For Modern Houses

Give your kitchens and labs the ultimate upgrade by installing glamorous subway tiles splashback. You will be amused to know why this type of tile is named “subway”. It’s inspired by the tiles lining the New York City subways. Ever since its discovery in 1904, subway tiles have become a trend. Subway tiles splashback is now used for covering walls of kitchens, countertops, lab walls etc. 

What Exactly Is Splashback Or Backsplash? 

Please don’t get confused with the two words as they are anagrams and mean the same thing. Splashback or backsplash refers to those tiles that vertically cover a wall behind or above a countertop or any other work surface. Subway tiles splashback protects the wall from stains, spills, fumes, chemicals, oils, water or other liquids. 

What Are Subway Tiles Backsplash Best Suited For? 

Subway tiles splashback is best suited for decorating and protecting the walls or countertops of kitchens, bathrooms, laboratories, balconies, swimming pools, workrooms and other susceptible rooms where walls or slabs need protection from spills, stains, greasing or oiling. They are also used to decorate the walls, enhancing the overall appeal of the area or space. 

What Makes Subway Tile Backsplash A Smart Choice? 

These modern subway tiles splashback are now popularly used to make protective panels or walls behind sinks or basins in the bathroom, washroom, laboratory, kitchen, or other water-prone areas. Several factors make subway tiles splashback a smart choice:

  1. Water Resistant

Splashback tiles are made of hard-wearing materials like ceramic, porcelain, stones, mosaics, baked clays and other composite materials. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are best for splashbacks as they are non-porous and resistant to water. This may help to prevent damps on the wall. 

  1. Easy To Maintain

Subway splashback tiles are easier to clean and maintain. As the surface of the tiles is polished and smooth, wiping it with a wet cloth or a sponge would be enough to remove all stains, keeping it in perfect condition. 

  1. Decorative- Splashback tiles are available in various colours, sizes, designs and patterns. They give a refined look to your kitchen, bathroom, dining area or work area. For interior decorations, exquisite splashback tiles are available at competitive rates. 
  2. Durable

Subway splashback tiles are sturdy and hard. Vitrified tiles are better as they are created with materials like silica, feldspar and quartz. Heated at high temperatures makes them scratch resistant and waterproof. Vitrified subway porcelain tiles don’t require to be even glazed or re-sealed. Therefore, they are long-lasting and durable. 

  1. Multi-purpose

Subway tiles splashback can be used for multiple ends. Integrated or applied splashback tiles are also installed in bars, factories, swimming pool decks or walls, industrial kitchens, specialised task areas and laboratories. For countertops in a chemistry or food science lab, they are used as chemical resistance. So depending on the objective of a laboratory or space, additional requirements can be added for resistance to higher temperatures and acids. 

Thus, installing subway splashback tiles is one of the smartest choices you will make to protect your premises and maintain their ambience.