The rise in the popularity of Timber look outdoor tiles

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There has been a significant rise over the past few years of the use of timber look outdoor tilesTimber tiles are beautiful and capture the natural beauty of time. They are easy to maintain, at least much easier than traditional ceramic tiles. Timber flooring tiles have been in use way before ceramic ones. They provide more durability, scratch-resistant and they are also easy to clean. 

There are various reasons as to why the timber look outdoor tiles are so popular and why should a person go for them without choosing the regular porcelain or ceramic ones. They will give a touch of luxury to your home especially if they are imported. Let’s have a look at the reasons why timber look tiles are so popular and why anybody should go for them. 

  • Various colours and designs

The colours and designs of the timber look tiles fit with all kinds of interior or exterior designs. Tile manufacturers are producing many-coloured timber tiles because of the advancement in technology. There are various colours and designs that one can choose from without having to stick to the traditional wooden look. 

  • Water and scratch-resistant

When one compares natural timber floorboards to timber tiles, the first thing that anybody should know is that they are always more water, scratch, and damage resistant than the natural floorboards. Natural timber floorboards are easy to get scratches. They are very sensitive and might lose their colour and fade away if put in areas where the sun rays fall for too long. Timber look outdoor tiles are extremely hard-wearing. They are also glazed to be sure that the tiles do not absorb water or dust. The glaze also provides them with the ability to become water and scratch-resistant. 

  • They are easy to maintain 

Timber tiles are very easy to maintain. Natural timber floorboards come with high maintenance issues but not tiles. Keeping the floor in good shape is much easier. One can mop up any kind of spills easily. No periodical sealing or maintenance has to be done in timber look tiles. People save a lot of money here. 

  • They are eco-friendly 

They are eco-friendly as trees do not have to be chopped down to make them. The precious trees are saved from misery. Timber tiles do not use real wood as they are made from natural clay materials like porcelain and ceramic. So, it can be said that choosing timber look tiles over natural timber floorboards might be a way that a person can contribute to mother nature. 

These are a few benefits of having timber look tiles installed anywhere in anybody’s home. No wonder this trend is becoming so popular. 

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