What Things You Should Know While Buying A Tile Cutter

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Updating your home’s wall or floor tiles ensures a fresh new look. But getting your space to look exactly as you imagine takes time.

Well, sigma tile cutter Sydney tools let you get the perfectly shaped tiles to achieve your dream designs. Also, you can use this tool for DIY projects with tiles. 

However, you must need a proper plan from start to finish. The complete task begins with buying the perfect tile cutter. This post will discuss the essential things you should know before buying a tile cutter.

Important Things to Consider While Buying Sigma Tile Cutter Sydney Tools

Cutting Wheel

While buying a tile cutter, consider its cutting wheel, as the tool’s performance depends on it. The cutting wheel must be a carbide blade as these blades are very strong. These blades can slice strong materials.

Besides, going with a tungsten carbide blade is recommended while buying the Sigma tile cutter Sydney tools. Usually, carbide is mixed with other metals, and tungsten is a standard mix for carbide. 

These blades are very durable and impact resistant as well. So, undoubtedly these cutting wheels perform excellently due to their high resistance to heat. 


When it comes to considering the entire construction, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. An aluminium base is excellent as it provides stability and keeps the tile cutter tool lightweight. 

For the Sigma tile cutter Sydney tool, you should look for rubber feet as it prevents the cutter from slipping around. You should look for a smooth and ergonomic construction that lets you easily handle the tile cutter. 

Tile Specifics

While you are buying the Sigma tile cutter Sydney tool, make sure to consider the tile specifics. To do so, you have to consider the type and size of the tile that you want to install.

Also, you have to determine the type of cuts that you need. Manual tile cutters come with multiple cut capabilities. With these cutters, you can get 20- to 48 inches of tile cuts. 

Some tile cutters tools are specifically designed for cutting porcelain and ceramic tiles. Other tile cutters can handle glass or mirror tiles. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the tile specifics before making the final purchase. 


The rails on the tile cutter are significant for the accuracy of the lines. Tile cutter tools that have dual rails provide extra precision and stability. 

Make sure to choose a tile cutter with two rails. Also, choose the Sigma tile cutter Sydney tool that is made of a durable material like chrome steel. This material allows the blade to run smoothly down the rails without encountering any obstruction. 

You need to follow these basic considerations while buying a tile cutter tool. Besides all these, you need to determine the type of tile cutter. However, manual tiles are better for smaller and thinner surfaces.

Otherwise, you can use a tile saw if you want to do any large job with thick granite or marble tiles. These heavy-duty tile cutters are better for precision work. 

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