A Guide To Buying Shower Heads In Sydney:

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Shower heads are essentially the faucets through which water is dispensed when you turn on your shower. These consist of the actual shower head along with the water flow and temperature managing valve.

In such a case wherein your showerhead is either broken, damaged, clogged or simply outdated, you can easily buy a new one. However, don’t just go out to the nearest hardware store in Sydney and pick one at random; consider the various options they house and its quality characteristics.

Do showerheads have types? Well, yes, these provide you with several options to choose from. Each of these varieties has distinguishing features that strive to serve you better; you would find these easily at any design store in Sydney. Before that, let’s learn about a few of these types to help you make a more informed purchase.

Types Of Shower Heads In Sydney:

1. Fixed: A fixed shower head is the traditionally used shower head attached to the shower arm affixed on the walls. Shower head installation is as simple as unscrewing the previous one and screwing on the new one. However, it is important to catch on to the shower arm as a precautionary measure at the time of unscrewing to prevent any possible breakage or damage. Fixed shower heads can come sporting add-on features like rain, massage or water saving.

2. Handheld: A handheld shower head is hinged to an extended hose or pliable pipe-like setting and is rested on a cradle fixed on the bathroom wall. As the name suggests, these can be removed from the cradle, i.e. its holder and held on in one hand, similar to the operation of an old-school landline telephone for better functionality. These can serve needs like washing and bathing pets or kids more conveniently, or even operational cleaning feasibility‚ÄĒthese provide further diversification depending on the length of the hose you choose to affix these on.

3. Water saving: A water-saving shower head is capable of ensuring limited flow rate dispersion. This alludes to the measure of gallons per minute of water that a shower head disseminates and limits electricity or gas usage as well. These shower heads are boosted and aerated to project an illusion of increased water dispersion. Water-saving shower heads are also ideal to use in areas with low water pressure situations.

4. Spray or massage: These are spray patterned shower heads that boast unique settings like a jet, rain, aeration, mist or pulse that enable one to adjust the water pressure. These are a stylish and popular choice due to their capacity to create a massage effect. This is possible because of its adjustable jet water pressure that can be customised to touch upon your body’s pressure points, effectively allowing a soothing quality akin to that of a massage. You are bound to find a variety of these at bathroom design stores in Sydney.

5. Rain: These are ideally overhead showers, and one needs to stand under these to be able to uncover its best ability. Similar to how natural rainfall functions, these shower heads disperse water evenly through a large-sized head to ensure wider water distribution. These are bigger than your traditional shower heads and require increased water pressure as well to function optimally.

These were a few types of shower heads that you are likely to find at any store in Sydney. There are other more intricate shower head varieties that you would come across that combine the features as mentioned earlier under one shower head. You could look into those as well. However, these create a basic understanding of how shower heads work to then set on the path to choose the best one to meet your requirement. 

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