All you need to know about travertine tile maintenance and caring!

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Travertine tile will bring a lifetime of charm to your house, but only if it’s well cared for. Before determining that travertine stone is the right choice for your house, it is important to consider what is involved in cleaning and preserving travertine tiles. If you want your travertine tile to last a lifetime, it’s important to learn the ins and outs of cleaning as well as Travertine repairing eastern suburbs sydney.

In order to keep your travertine tile looking fresh, it is necessary to add a sealant. Any tiles won’t need this, since they would be pre-sealed. To decide if the tile needs to be sealed, add a small amount of water to the wall. If the water is drained by the floor and the tile is darkened, it has to be covered. The surface preparation, density and porosity of the stone will help you decide whether a sealer dependent on water or petroleum is suggested. Check the advice of Travertine repairing eastern suburbs sydney and buy the right sealant in your budget.

Tips for the Clean Travertine Tile

Many surface stains can be eliminated by using a suitable household or commercial Travertine repairing eastern suburbs sydney tool. However, recognition is the first step toward prevention. If you have found the source of the stain, you will know what sort of cleaning procedure is needed to produce the best outcome.

Oil-based marks

Oil-based stains are formed by grease, cooking oil, cosmetics, tar, and any products containing some oil. An oil-based stain darkens the stone and typically has to be chemically washed in order to dissolve it and then scrub the source clear. Next, you must remove any residual staining agent by wiping it off whether it is soft or, in the case of tar, by chipping it off. Gently scrub the area with a soft liquid cleaner. Suitable cleaners contain ammonia, kitchen detergent, acetone or mineral spirits. Instead, wet the cloth with the Travertine repairing eastern suburbs sydney cleaner and layer it over the stain to put the agent in the cloth. 

Organic Residues

Organic stains are formed by organic substances such as coffee, tea, cigarettes, fruit juice, fish, paper, faeces, leaves, bird drops, or bark. These substances also leave a pinkish-brown stain that, when outside, can fade after the source of the stain has been eliminated due to the natural bleaching process caused by rain and heat. However, if the stain is inside, you would need to use a cleaning formula. You may also buy commercially sold cleaners or use Travertine repairing eastern suburbs sydney service.

Ink Spots

Any type of ink used in magic markers or pens may cause ink staining. If the colour of the stone is light, clean it with white or hydrogen peroxide. Using acetone or lacquer thinner for darker stones. Do not pour a cleaner directly onto the dye, as this can allow the staining agent to thin and scatter farther down the surface. Instead, wet a cloth with Travertine repairing eastern suburbs sydney cleaner and clean with it.

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