Answering FAQs about Engineered Blackbutt: Blackbutt Timber Price, Advantages, Risks, and Much More

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“What are blackbutt timber price?” – many homeowners have this question on their minds. Here’s a detailed guide to this native Australian flooring solution. 

In the past year, many homeowners have had discussions about blackbutt timber prices. This native Australian flooring material (the scientific name of Blackbutt is Eucalyptus Pilularis) is gaining a lot of popularity because its strong, versatile, and locally sourced. Grown primarily in the coastal woodlands of Southern Queensland and New South Wales, this versatile species of timber is used in residential and commercial building floors across the country. 

If you’re a homeowner or business owner considering blackbutt engineered flooring for your building, here are the main details you need to know about this timber product.

What is Blackbutt Engineered Flooring?

Solid blackbutt timber is one of the best flooring materials on the market. This material helps create hard-wearing floors that last for centuries. However, for the average homeowner, solid blackbutt timber price is way too high. That’s why engineered blackbutt timber flooring, a relatively newer option, is gaining a lot of traction from local buyers.

With blackbutt-engineered flooring, you can get the aesthetic appeal and durability of solid blackbutt timber. Engineered blackbutt floorboards are made of multiple layers. They have thick plywood bases with thin surfaces of solid blackbutt timber bonded on top. That’s why despite being more affordable than solid blackbutt timber, blackbutt engineered flooring is more resistant to climatic changes. 

Why is Blackbutt Flooring So Popular?

The average residential or commercial space owner won’t worry about blackbutt timber price because – 

  • No Sustainability Concerns: Blackbutt is a hardwood that regenerates quickly. This tree species is found across the country, so there are no major environmental or sustainability concerns when you’re using this material. Plus, the leading sellers of blackbutt engineered flooring products have local suppliers. Buyers know they’re receiving Australian Made products when they invest in blackbutt flooring. 
  • Durability: Blackbutt timber has A-grade durability ratings. These floors can easily resist decay for over 50 years (whether used indoors or outdoors). Blackbutt timber price doesn’t seem too high when you consider the fact that you can sand and polish these floors every few years to make them look and feel brand-new. The durability of blackbutt is on par with other popular Australian hardwoods such as Sydney blue gum or spotted gum. All of these flooring materials are strong enough to battle everyday scratches, tears, and impacts. They also require very little maintenance.
  • Density: The reason why the blackbutt timber price is slightly higher than other flooring materials is its high density. A blackbutt floor will typically have a density of 900 kg/m3. Such highly dense materials are intrinsically resistant to fire damage, heavy impact damage, and pests. Insects like termites find it impossible to dig into blackbutt-engineered flooring.

What is the Cost of Getting Blackbutt Floors? 

Solid blackbutt floors cost higher than most other timber flooring options. Costs can range from $80–$100 per square meter. Engineered blackbutt floors cost significantly less depending on their thickness and width. Installation of engineered blackbutt floors is also easier and cheaper.

The plywood cores of engineered blackbutt floors make them cheap. But once fully installed, the final products always look identical to solid timber floors. That’s why this flooring material is so popular! 

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