Buying A New Home Or Investing In Home Extensions Northern Beaches – Which Option Is Better?

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It’s normal for homeowners to aspire for more space after five or six years of living in the same house. For growing families, spaces inside the homes disappear even faster. Temporary fixes like decluttering or cleaning the house don’t provide homeowners with the type of relief they need to sustain growing families. A couple of kids running around in narrow hallways is enough to convince anyone that the home needs to be more space-efficient. 

The most obvious suggestion that homeowners who face such problems receive is – move and find a bigger house! However, homes with more bedrooms, bigger kitchens, and bigger garages cost a lot. That’s why top home builders in Northern Beaches recommend getting home extensions.

What are Home Extensions?

In recent years, the concept of getting home extensions in Northern Beaches has gained a lot of popularity. Getting a home extension means paying a custom home builder to maximise the existing space on your home.  

The best providers of home extensions Northern Beaches make simple changes such as replacing traditional kitchen cabinets with wall-mounted cabinets or creating kitchen islands to free up kitchen space. These simple changes enable homeowners to receive all the benefits of a bigger property without the drawbacks of buying a new home.  

Buying a New Home – The Risks:

Here are the reasons why top home builders Northern Beaches advise against buying new homes:

  • The real estate market is currently overextended. Global inflation is triggering irrational price increases in the real estate market. 
  • Homeowners also have to sell their existing property before finalizing a deal to buy a new property.
  • There are several hidden and semi-hidden fees (e.g., real estate agent charges) that can put unnecessary dents in your budget. On the other hand, home extensions in Northern Beaches come with limited price tags. 
  • For many homeowners, taking out massive mortgages is an impractical proposition. 
  • Why leave the neighbourhood that you’re used to when your major problem is the lack of space? Top home builders Northern Beaches can make your home space-efficient in more practical ways. 
  • The logistical headache of decluttering, packing, and moving household items can ruin a family’s annual plans. 

Investing in Home Extensions – The Clear Advantages: 

Investing in home extensions Northern Beaches comes with various strong benefits compared to moving homes – 

  • Homeowners don’t have to engage in the volatile and unpredictable real estate market.
  • The best home builders in Northern Beaches, create new spaces that are customized to address the homeowner’s space-related requirements. These builders can extend existing rooms, add more rooms, and optimize areas of the house that experience the most amounts foot traffic.
  • Homeowners can keep enjoying the benefits of their existing homes, the benefits that attracted them to their neighbourhoods in the first place.
  • Be it extending outwards by adding deck space, extending upwards by converting the loft into a storage unit, or extending downwards by converting basements into living rooms – top home builders Northern Beaches do their best to add as much space as possible to their client’s homes. 

The leading providers of home extensions Northern Beaches also use the materials and tools that their clients recommend, so there are no rooms for complaints! 

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