Defining The Hamptons Style Renovation At Its Best

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Right now, the Hamptons style renovation is becoming one of the most sought-after looks in all across Australia. But there are some architectural features that you need to be aware of before investing some bucks on the same. The real question is how can you possibly include all the right design details to help transform your place into that east-coast haven? Let’s find out more through this article now!

Creating a roof that makes a point:

Whenever the main concern lies with the roof design, you cannot go past a classic pitched roof on the weatherboard. 

  • Such roofs will have two panels angled to meet at the central apex in an elegant A-shape. 
  • The triangle area between the wall top and the angled roof is called gable.
  • It is one traditional location for square or the circular vents or windows that form a part of Hamptons style renovation.
  • A window gable will help to infuse natural light inside and suited to a high ceiling.
  • Then you have a vent gable that helps in adding impressive aesthetic feature and also offering passive ventilation.

Getting on with the weatherboard:

For that ultimate example under Hamptons style renovation, it is time to swap that brick exterior with that of the weatherboard now. The traditional timber ones are prone to fading, splintering and warping in the Australian weather. 

  • A suitable option to venture in is the Linea weatherboard. It is made using premium fibre cement and resistant to fire, termites and damage from moisture.
  • Then you have cladding, which can easily get painted in any colour you are looking for. 
  • However, it is always recommended to opt for the softer version or the neutral colours for conjuring that coastal charm with your house.

Now coming up with the eaves:

Eaves are targeted to be not just functional in nature but also design-led and help to offer that dramatic frame to the facade of the home. 

  • Always make sure to apply a shade of fresh white to bolster the crispy and sharp lines. 
  • There are some distinguished eaves available to wrap a short way around the gable end and are associated with classical building styles.
  • You can easily detail out the look of the house with eaves and that provides a jointed timber look.
  • You can add some of the sheets to the underside of the textured Hampton’s touch. 

The use of balconies out there:

For that ultimate coastal lifestyle, make sure to create verandas, balconies and terraces to seal the design. For that, make sure to use that simple balustrade in diagonal or vertical patterns. It helps to offer that eye-catching contrast to the horizontal linear weatherboards. Make sure to keep these points in mind whenever you are planning for the best ever Hamptons-style renovation in here.

It is always recommended to catch up with the professionals before they know the right tricks to follow. Well, join hands with the best team and you need not have to worry about the design of your homes anymore!

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