Extra Space – Kids’ Beds With Storage

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There are plenty of options for kids’ beds, but some of the best ones come with storage solutions that make it easy to keep everything under one roof. Here are some of our favourite kids beds with storage and other innovative features that will give your kids a comfortable and safe place to sleep while they get bigger.

Kids’ beds with storage

A storage bed is a great solution for small spaces. They’re also a good solution for kids, adults and people who need to store items. Storage beds come in several different styles and designs that are sure to fit into your home decorating scheme. Check out Ikea’s storage beds if you want something unique or modern looking.

Bunk beds with storage

It’s a great way to get extra storage space in your kid’s room. The bunk bed with stairs is one of the most popular styles, and it offers plenty of options for adding storage space. It can be used as a regular-sized bed or converted into two smaller beds by removing some of the panels on top, creating more space for toys underneath. You can also add drawers next to each side of the mattress platform so that you have somewhere safe to store things like books or clothes while still keeping an eye on them at all times! If you’re looking for something different than just plain old shelves inside their bedrooms, consider adding some trundle beds, too, they’ll give them even more options when it comes time for sleepovers later down the road!

Kid’s Beds With Hidden Compartments

Hidden compartments are a great way to store toys and other items. They can be built into the bed frame or headboard and accessed from the side, top or bottom of the bed.

Twin Bunk Bed With Storage and Stairs

This twin bunk bed is a great option for kids of all ages. It has ladder access to the top bunk, and you can use it as an extra bedroom when your children outgrow their bedrooms. The storage area under the top bunk offers additional space for toys, books and other items that need to be kept out of sight. The solid wood construction makes this bed sturdy enough for any child who wants to climb up there on their own (or with help from an adult). The bed comes in various colours, so you’ll have plenty of options when choosing something that fits your aesthetic preferences and what works best in terms of functionality!

Platform kids beds with storage

The platform kids’ bed with storage is a great option for your child’s room. The storage is underneath the bed so it can be used as a guest bed or for an adult child. You can also use it in a playroom, bedroom or living room if you have multiple children using this type of bed.

All-in-One Solution

The all-in-one solution to your young ones’ sleep and storage needs, these bunk beds with storage are a great way to help them get an early start on learning how to organise their things. Whether you’re looking for a practical option that keeps toys and books organised or want something more decorative, we’ve got the right bunk bed with storage for you.


We hope you found our list of kids beds with storage helpful. Many other options are available, so feel free to shop around! 

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