How To Make Your Windows More Energy Efficient

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Have you been spending too much on energy bills? It can happen quite often during summers as well as winters. You will keep your air-con turned on throughout the air, thus leading to a ride in the energy bills. When installing new energy efficient double glazing windows is always an option, you can do things with your existing windows too. You must be wondering how to convert the already installed options into energy-efficient windows. Here are a few tips that can help you in this regard: 

Applying Window Caulk And Weatherstrips 

You can apply window caulk and weatherstrips to your already existing windows and prevent air leaks. It will lead the double glazing windows to become energy efficient. When there will be no air leaks, the hot winds blowing in summer will find it difficult to enter your house. The same can be said about the cold winds during winters. Since it’s an inexpensive solution, you can always consider it to improve the energy efficiency of your place. 

Adding Blinds And Shades 

If you’re going to keep your windows naked, it will expose your rooms to sunlight. The bigger the windows, the more your room will be exposed to such a situation. If you want to have energy-efficient windows, you should look to add blinds and shades there. It will improve the energy efficiency of your room as the outside factors won’t impact it much. On top of that, it also adds to the looks of your place. All you have to do is find the right type of design and colour. 

Installing Cellular Shades 

Do you live in a place where winters are extremely cold? Installing cellular shades will be a useful option in such places. These shades are custom-fitted in your windows. You can pull them up and down as per your needs. If you want to achieve energy efficient double glazing windows, this one can help the cause too. Cellular shades can reduce heat loss by 40% and reduce solar heat by 60%. 

Hanging Exterior Shutters 

You can also hang exterior shutters on your windows. You might like to achieve energy-efficient windows but if the space inside is almost negligible, you will find it an uphill task. Hanging exterior shutters don’t require space on the inside of your home. Most of them are made up of fabric, wood, aluminium, or steel. It may require professional assistance as you have to measure the shutters first to install them properly. 

Installing Awnings 

If sunlight is causing high temperatures, installing awnings won’t be a bad choice at all. Some of the quality options in awnings can reduce the amount of solar heat gain in your home by as much as 65% in the summer. Awnings used on western-facing windows can reduce it by up to 77%. So you don’t have to install energy efficient double glazing windows specifically. You can install awnings and it will do you some great favours. 

By following these tips, we are sure that you will achieve energy-efficient windows in your home. Take note of these tips and say no to high electricity bills! 

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