How To Take Care Of Your Quiet Ceiling Fans

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It is very irritating to hear loud noises created by your ceiling fan. As time passes by, the noise is only going to become louder and louder. It is going to be so noisy at times that you will find yourself unable to sleep. There are various reasons why your ceiling fan is creating such irritating sounds. If you have been suffering from this issue for way too long, it is about time you come up with measures to ensure quiet ceiling fans. We are going to discuss some of them here: 

1. Regular Maintenance 

Is your ceiling fan doing just fine right now? It doesn’t mean that it will be good forever. As time goes on and you use the fans further, they are bound to create noises. It is only if you can conduct regular maintenance that you will be able to ensure quiet ceiling fans. You can try to do the maintenance on your own or call an expert to do it at regular intervals. You just have to make sure that the ceiling fans are cleaned from time to time. The dirt and dust accumulation are always going to be a worry with the fans. If you want to ensure quiet ceiling fans, you have to get rid of the dirt and dust particles on them regularly. 

2. Rebalance The Fan Blades 

One of the biggest reasons why your ceiling fan is creating noises is the unbalance in its fan fades. This unbalance owes to a variety of factors. If it is left unchecked, the situation is going to become worse with time. It usually leads to a squeaking noise as unnecessary stress is put on the motor. Unlike cleanliness, rebalancing the fan blades is going to take plenty of time. It will require some amazing efforts on your part too. You can call an expert to rebalance the fan blades without much trouble. In that way, you will be able to ensure quiet ceiling fans for your home. 

3. Lubricate The Fan Motors 

Another very important thing to do regarding quiet ceiling fans is lubricating the fan motors. With time, the fan motors might suffer from the issue of friction. This causes a buzzing sound which can increase as time goes on. The task is simple, and there’s no need to call an expert to do this job. You just have to add a few drops of oil to the fan motors for more efficient lubrication. If the sound persists even after lubricating the motors, you might have to call an electrician as there are chances of the motor breaking down. 

4. Tighten The Blade Screws 

The screws of the ceiling fan can loosen over some time. It will become a necessity to tighten them up as per the requirements. Residents may want to perform this task regularly so that noisy conditions aren’t a regular occurrence.

By taking these measures, you will successfully maintain quiet ceiling fans at your home. It is a necessity to make regular changes to the ceiling fans so that they operate properly over some time! 

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