Is It Possible To Add A Free-standing Bath In A Small Bathroom?

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If you live in a small space and aspire to add freestanding bath taps and bathtubs to your bathrooms, don’t worry – it’s not an impossible dream! Many homeowners aspire to add bold and contemporary free-standing baths to their bathrooms, only to discover that they don’t have sufficient space.

Currently, the free-standing bath market is exploding. New tub designers are creating new arrays of styles and designs. These tubs can suit any taste and, more importantly – can suit any bathroom size. Not sure if free-standing baths are ideal for your small-sized bathroom? 

Let’s assess the space requirements of these bathtubs:

Unlike corner bathtubs or in-built bathtubs, free-standing bathtubs were designed to be versatile and space-efficient. Ideally, they should fit into any bathroom scheme. 

  • You don’t need to install panels or plumbing arrangements to install a free-standing bath in your bathroom.
  • Users can position their free-standing bathtub anywhere they want inside their bathrooms. They can be pushed into corners, placed at the centre of the bathrooms, or placed anywhere else inside the bathrooms. 
  • Some free-standing bathtubs come with in-built free-standing bath taps, which make these tubs even more space-efficient.
  • Homeowners with small bathrooms can opt for free-standing bathtubs that don’t come with decorative feet and sit directly on the floor. These legless free-standing bathtubs can help homeowners create spa-like bathrooms, even when they have limited bathroom space. 

The Six-Inch Mandatory Requirement:

There’s a lot of hope for homeowners with limited bathroom spaces who want to add free-standing bath taps and bathtubs to their collections. As long as their free-standing bathtubs have at least 6 inches (preferably more) of space surrounding all four angles of the tubs, installing them won’t be a hassle.

Without the six inches of space, bathroom users will find it hard to travel around these tubs. If a user is not able to freely travel around his or her free-standing bath, cleaning will become extremely difficult. There are countless varieties of dirt that accumulate under bathtubs.

If you don’t have six inches of space to probe each and every corner of your free-standing bath, maintaining the tub would be extremely difficult. That’s why homeowners with super-small bathrooms can’t install these tubs. Other than this basic six-inch requirement, not much more is required when you’re installing free-standing bathtubs. 

How to Make Sure Your Bathroom is Big Enough?

The best way to make sure that your bathroom is big enough for a free-standing bath is DIY measurements. Bring out the measuring tapes and start calculating the perimeter of your bathroom. Then, assess the sizes of the free-standing bath taps and bathtubs that you’re interested in.

Will you have enough space to move about after you install the bathtub bang in the middle of the bathroom? If yes, re-confirm this detail with the professionals who are selling you the free-standing bath taps and bathtubs. If possible, send the sellers pictures of your bathroom.

Make sure that after the bathtub is installed, you have different access points to the tub. To reduce installation hassles, opt for bathtubs made of lighter materials like fibreglass or acrylic. Avoid cast iron tubs or tubs made of solid surface materials as they’re harder to install. 

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