Perfect Way To Make Walk-in Custom Built Wardrobes To Feel Organised With Quality Built Wardrobes

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Does your walk-in closet evoke joy, or does it bring you tension instead? As a modern homeowner, you must have evaluated your closet organisation method, and they might not be up to the measure. If your custom built wardrobes in Sydney looks cluttered and small, bringing your belongings in order and making the most out of the closet space is not a daunting task. 

We consulted with professional organisers to find the best way to organise your walk-in custom wardrobe. With our storage ideas, you can make luxury a reality within your small space.  

  • Clean out the closet:

The first step towards organising your custom built wardrobe is to clean the closet completely by removing even the last item. Start working from the bottom by removing the shoes and then working up with other clutter accumulated over the past years. You can finally finish with hanging clothes. 

Once everything is out of the wardrobe, wipe off all the shelves and vacuum the floors to start freshly with space. 

  • Declutter and decide what to flush out:

As you pull stuff out of your custom built wardrobes in Sydney, ask yourself three questions- 

  • Have I worn the dress in the past year?
  • Does it still fit?
  • Is it damaged?

As you organise your clothing, try to place each item into one of the three piles: keep, throw away and donate. Keep the main regular wear items in your day-to-day wardrobe; you can donate clothes that are in good condition but do not fit or that you have not worn in the past couple of years. 

  • Redesign and add storage to increase closet space:

Once you have decluttered, start reworking your layout and the storage process to make the most of your wardrobe space. You should try to dedicate at least one wall of your closet to clothing rods. You can take advantage of your closet’s height; you will be able to make the most out of your storage space. You can add double hang rods to store jackets, shirts, and pants. 

You can also use old shoeboxes to build compartments within the drawers. To maximise drawer space, you can roll your shirts. Also, you can use the file fold method while folding clothes. When you fold your clothes in the upright process like papers, it is easier to see everything and maximise space. 

  • Keep out of season clothes out of sight:

You can use plastic containers or comforter bags to store out-of-season clothes. That will help you keep such garments out of your sight. You can store them away on a shelf, under the hanging clothes, or on your bed. That will help you save valuable closet space. 

  • Organise your jewellery:

If you are looking for a cost-effective storage hack for custom built wardrobes in Sydney, you can use compartmentalised household items like ice cube trays. They are great items for organising your rings and earrings. 

Bottom line:

Once you start implementing a few of the best ways to organise your custom built wardrobes in Sydney, getting ready for the office in the morning will ‘spark joy’ once again. Now that you have successfully tackled your walk-in closet, you will feel confident about tackling the rest of your house. 

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