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Natural stone tiles in Sydney is made from sedimentary rocks, limestone forms beneath the sea’s surface which explains its ability to absorb water effectively without any loss in quality or value. In the course of its formation, it is also induced to stay strong, which is why it’s so sturdy.  

With proper sealing, it can become even more durable, with the capability to handle even the severest of heavy people-traffic and load movements. This is the reason, why limestone tiles are considered an ideal choice for outdoor settings.

Why use limestone tile outdoor?

As a natural stone, limestone is an ideal outdoor material. Its wide range of applicability and matchless durability is what made it a popular choice for ages, used for centuries in outdoor settings. 

What explains the popularity of limestone tiles outdoor is they are:

  • Highly durable and strong, that can, withstand even the heaviest of loads and repel the formation of cracks and other damages with ease, without in any way losing the sturdiness. Add to this is their heavyweight allows them to last for years, whilst still maintaining their condition in top order. 
  • Incredibly effective in withstanding the elements of nature. One can see many old buildings and outdoor pavements and walkways, even today still sanding robust and strong. The reason for this is limestone tiles ingrained inside their make-up. 
  • Extremely flexible. They can be cut into any size in any dimension. This is made possible as limestone is comparatively much softer than other stone materials. A large limestone can be cut into smaller slabs of any size to fit into floors, indoors or outdoors, of any size. Apart from this, it is also possible to have them in attractive mosaic designs of any kind, making them worthy of being installed outdoors.   
  • Effectively malleable. Any kind of outdoor design including unique geometric designs with shapes can be made with limestone tiles outdoor, and they can also be modified to any stone floor patterns, to complement the theme of the outdoor setting.    

Limestone is also a safe and non-combustible material. They can prevent fire from spreading around. Limestone tiles are also slip-resistant, making them safer for people to walk on them without the fear of slipping. Read our blog on “Is Natural Stone The Right Option For Your Tiling Solution?” to know more.

Available in different patterns, styles, and sizes, limestone tiles outdoor also come in varied colours to match the aesthetic look of any outdoor setting.

Choosing the best limestone tiles outside:

The exquisite and rustic look of limestone tiles makes them an ideal choice for outdoor flooring. They can last long which will eliminate the need to replace them, now and then. 

When you look to buy limestone tiles outside product, make sure your final choice is a reliable source that can offer you options in terms of shapes, sizes, patterns, colours, etc, as well as specialist knowledge on what option will be best fit your taste, and budget, and also how best to handle, install, and maintain them.

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