The Favourite Reasons For Pool Automation

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Do you want a pool but don’t want to spend time maintaining it? Cleaning your pool, maintaining equipment and monitoring chemical levels regularly takes a lot of time, but there is a solution.

Significant technical advances in pool automation have occurred during the last decade, implying that pools are becoming increasingly self-sufficient and low-maintenance. Check below a list of the top reasons to switch to pool automation.

It Will Save You Time.

As adults, we understand that time is a precious commodity! Many pool owners may not always have time to check their chemical levels or clean their pool every week. Automation links your pool’s equipment to a pool app, giving you the ability to manage pool maintenance from the palm of your hand. Pool automation applications allow you to monitor the chemical balance of your water and link your pump, chemical feeder, and chlorinator to an automated system.


Your pool and spa are designed to improve your quality of life, and a pool app can let you enjoy your pool with the press of a button. You can monitor and control your pool settings from anywhere, at any time.

Furthermore, you may choose and store your favourite settings for every season or event. You may, for example, establish ‘winter’ or summer customized settings with particular temperatures and maintenance schedules to fit the season or how often you’ll be using the pool. You may also add pool lights and water elements to create a party or nighttime atmosphere.


Live in your own futuristic house, complete with a pool that you can manage from your phone. Have you ever been sitting inside and realized you forgot to turn off the pool light, or you are driving home from work and want to turn on the pool pump? You may have remote access to your pool using pool automation.

Pool automation allows you to alter the settings and maintenance plan of your pool to fit your needs. Maintenance schedules may vary depending on temperature and use levels, but remotely changing your settings may provide peace of mind.

Spend Less Money.

You may be unaware that both automation and pool service may help you save money. Both can make the necessary changes to save you money on your energy costs, and both utilize the appropriate chemicals in the proper quantities. Their accuracy helps keep expenses, so you do not waste money making adjustments, which is common when you manually monitor and evaluate chemicals.

Simple And Secure

Pool chemical balance may be challenging to achieve. It may also be time-consuming when you consider the time it takes to evaluate appropriate levels, make adjustments, and rectify variations. A pool automation system will test the water for you, determine the proper chemical levels, and then distribute the precise quantities required.

Pool water’s pH may change dramatically in a few hours. The pH level in your pool affects the water quality. If it is too high, chlorine loses its sterilizing power, allowing algae, bacteria, and viruses to thrive. A pool automation system maintains continuous pH regulation, resulting in a cleaner, safer pool.

If you are unfamiliar with pool care or lack the time required for regular upkeep, implementing an automated system is a safe and straightforward option.

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