Learn Why Travertine Tile Suits Your Bathroom!

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People are reluctant to install travertine tiles on their bathroom floors. And this reluctance is partly due to a few misconceptions revolving around these tiles. Many people believe that travertine tiles are slippery and thus, not suited for their bathroom floors. However, with the right finish and proper sealer, you can avoid slippage altogether. 

Still not convinced of buying travertine tiles for your bathroom? Well, you can keep reading further to know more about the benefits associated with these flooring options for your bathroom.

Benefits Of Choosing Travertine Tiles

As we know, travertine is a natural stone material. So, why should you install these tiles over other natural stone options such as granite, marble or limestone? We have given below the reasons why travertine is better than other natural stone for bathroom flooring.  

Aesthetic Appearance 

One of the primary motives of renovating your bathroom is to enhance its appearance. And with stylish travertine tiles, you can improve the look and appearance of your bathroom with ease. These tiles can offer a classic appearance with multiple shades and textures. So, make sure to renovate your bathroom with travertine tiles today!

Custom Design Options 

People are never satisfied with limited designs, colours and finishing options for their bathroom tiles. And with travertine tiles, you can quickly get what you want for your bathroom flooring. Different colours, designs and finished tiles of travertine can be easily made. And thus, you have limitless options to choose from for your bathroom flooring. 

High Durability

Bathroom floors should have tiles which can endure heavy foot traffic. Because everyone in your family will frequently use the bathroom space every day, and travertine tiles provide much better endurance and durability to your floors. Thus, you can expect these tiles to withstand foot traffic for many years to come. 

Low Cost Of Maintainance

It only takes a scrub to clean travertine tiles. Therefore, you don’t have to invest a lot in maintaining these tiles. You can clean the dirt and stain on these tile with minimal effort. So, installing them makes sense both aesthetically and financially. 

Resistant To Damage

It’s important to get fire and water-resistant tiles for your bathroom floors. Otherwise, you may have to replace the entire flooring after an accident. Thus, travertine tiles are the perfect fit for your bathroom space. It offers much better resistance to fire and water than other natural stone products.      

Ease Replacement

There are chances that you might need to replace your floor tiles in the future. However, not every tile is easily replaceable. And thus, you should always install travertine tiles in your bathroom floors because these tiles are readily available in the market. Therefore, you can replace your broken tile without any problem or any delay. 

With these many benefits, there is no need to bother about other tiling options. Travertine tiles will fit your requirements, ideas and your budget as well. You can easily install these tiles in your bathroom. It will surely improve the bathroom’s decor at unbelievably low cost. So, get over your phone and call a reliable travertine tile supplier in Australia.

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