Why Calacatta Tiles Are The Best Choice For Bathroom Tiles In Brisbane

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Renovating your bathroom can be quite an exhaustive process but is worth the time and effort if done right. After all, the bathroom is where you relax after a long workday. Bathroom tiles should be slip-resistant, easy to clean, and functional. However, when it comes to Brisbane’s bathroom tiles, you get attractive options at affordable prices. 

That’s right. A renowned manufacturer who specialises in all things tiles can offer a range of bathroom tile options to choose from. They’ll also guide you and help you choose tiles that meet your budget range and complement house décor. 

One of the most popular options is calacatta bathroom tiles. They are rare and exceptional marble tiles found in Carrara, Italy. They are widely exported all across the globe due to their efficiency and beauty. Their bold grey streaks and irregular pattern lends a stunning look to these tiles and envelopes any bathroom with its uniqueness. 

Today, modern architecture has seen a rise in demand for calacatta bathroom tiles. Numerous factors have contributed to the increase in their popularity. Most importantly, they make a grand impression and add a natural splendour to the bathroom.

Reasons For The Popularity Of Calacatta Tiles 

When it comes to bathroom tiles in Brisbane, people today are looking at calacatta bathroom tiles more than ever. Not just for houses but even commercial buildings are opting for these tiles. Given below are a few reasons for a spurt in their popularity: 

  • Attractive Veining Pattern 

The veining pattern in calacatta marble makes it a sure-shot hit among homeowners. It creates a powerful and dramatic impact and makes the bathroom look grand, especially in well-lit bathrooms. The veining pattern is quite varied, and you get sufficient options. Besides, the unique patterns ensure that every bathroom has its signature style. 

  • Versatile 

Moving away from its attractiveness, we have got the functionality and versatility of calacatta bathroom tiles. They are not just meant for bathroom floors but can work as efficiently on the sinks, tubs, shower spaces, etc. You can get your entire bathroom fitted with these tiles. Its minimalistic style ensures it doesn’t clash with your bathroom décor but rather complements it. 

  • Adds Value To The House

When people decide to buy a new house, they make sure to check the bathrooms. Thus, if you ever plan to sell your home in the future, adding these bathroom tiles would be an excellent option. They would add to the value of your property and make it more appealing to potential buyers. 

A bright and attractive bathroom is every homeowner’s dream. After all, they’re always on the lookout for things that add to the house’s splendour and make it more comfortable to live in. Bathroom tiles come in a variety of options. However, not all of them are as stunning and brilliant as calacatta bathroom tiles. 

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