Why Is DIY Glass Pool Fencing Not Advisable?

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Do you have a gorgeous pool in the backyard, and your family is excited to use it? But you need to know that a pool has to have a fence, and glass pool fencing is the best solution. But is it better to install it yourself or you should hire contractors for frameless glass pool fencing in Dulwich hill

You might be determined to handle the task all by yourself, but you need to think again in that case. It is not an easy job. Various serious issues are there that demand professional interference. If you want to know the problems, keep reading.    

Certification to Australian Standards :

Products that you use for glass pool fencing must meet up quality standards. The suppliers generally offer such certificates. They are the sole guarantors that the materials are tested and approved for domestic use. That includes the panels as well as any accessories to support or anchor the panels. 

You need a permit :

Do you know that installing frameless glass pool fencing in Dulwich hill needs a permit? Even if you hire a professional company, the local council members must check and certify the glass pool fencing before the installation process. Your local installer will know about the exact requirements and ensure whether your fencing meets or exceeds the safety standards. Also, they will help to speed up the process to ensure that you get your permit quickly. 

Your experience and expertise matters :

The local pool fencing company that you choose has probably been working in the concerned field for years. They are well aware of the products, and a part of their job is to keep themselves up-to-date with any changes in the pool-related market. Are you equally aware of everything related to the pool market? If not, it is better to consult a professional and use their knowledge to avoid any hassle and incur unnecessary expenses. 

If you are still not sure whether to hire a professional contractor for frameless glass pool fencing in Dulwich hill, try to answer these questions- 

  • Is there any difference between 10mm and 12mm glass? 
  • What kind of gate does the new legislation permit you to use?
  • Which one is better- semi-frameless or frameless glass?
  • Is an 8mm glass perfect for semi-frameless glass fencing? 
  • What should be the length of glass panels to guarantee stability and safety? 

Fencing is mandatory :

Law says that if you have a pool, there must be a fence around that. But there is more to that. For example, how would you know whether your pool area came up to scratch? The local council inspectors are always ready to give thumbs down to all your efforts. Who wants to waste a great deal of time and money for nothing? Even if you get a good-looking fence, try to meet local government criteria before obtaining a permit. 

Bottom line :

The above discussion has undoubtedly made it clear that DIY pool fencing is a tough job. So why take all the hard work, worry, and extra expenses into the equation when you can leave every responsibility on the shoulder of fencing experts? 

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