Why Should You Choose Steel Frames Windows And Doors For Your Home

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You always aim to integrate the best things in your new house or plan a complete makeover renovation for your home. Traditionally, most homeowners prefer the use of wooden doors and windows. This preference for steel frame windows and doors has shifted in recent years. 

In recent times the use of metallic frames for doors and windows has become popular. Steel and aluminium are mainly used for such installations. It is an excellent combination of good looks and strength for steel frame windows and doors

Types Of Doors

The manufacture of steel frame windows and doors is done with three types of this metal. 

  • Galvanised steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cold-rolled steel

Doors are available in the following designs. 

  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Folded doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Stacking slide doors
  • Pivot doors


Many choices are available for steel frames, windows and doors. Here are some of the window designs popular in Australian homes. 

  • Casement windows
  • Awning windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Hinged windows
  • Louvred windows 
  • Arched windows 

Main Features 

In recent times, the use of steel frame windows and doors has become increasingly popular in Australia. The sleek designs are a trend apart from the heavy-looking wooden main entrances of houses; these are built with elegance and strength in the same measure. 

Some of the features of steel windows and doors are listed below. 

  • Heavy gauge steel makes frames that offer extreme rigidity and strength. 
  • A wide range of steel profiles is available for choice. 
  • Enhanced thermal efficiency helps to balance indoor temperature along with noise reduction.
  • Very durable and high finish hardware, hinges, locks, and latches are used. 
  • Two types of finishing are available – powder coating and excellent finish.  


The use of steel frame windows and doors has become popular in Australia owing to several advantages that come with it. 

  • The sleek design in the frame profiles provides convenient designs with easy movements. 
  • These doors and windows have the security of steel strength and durability.
  • Steel is corrosion-resistant and durable in all kinds of extreme weather conditions. 
  • Steel frame windows and doors have low maintenance about them. Except for a paint coating, there are no recurring expenses after these for years. 
  • Thermal insulation is available in steel doors, making them suitable for temperature balance between indoor and outdoor areas. 
  • Electrified locking systems are available with steel doors, making them very secure. 
  • Steel windows and doors are not just easy to handle but look good on the house’s exterior décor. 

In addition to the immediate benefits available for individual homes, anyone who opts for steel frame windows and doors contributes to a green environment. Most steel manufacturing companies use recycled metal that reduces waste and conserves energy. 

Heat and fire resistance ratings are very high on steel doors and windows. This makes them safe for homes and other installations. The use of steel has elevated contemporary styles in doors and windows to a new level of elegance and security combined into one. 

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