You Deserve A Better Bathroom – Whether Its A Full Touch Up Or Full Refurnish

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Full bathroom renovations are always helpful. You can update as per your style. You can select designs as per your needs. You can introduce any improvement ideas.

  • Full renovations will be more cost-effective
  • It saves your time
  • You can make functional changes

But the process is never easy. There are many things to decide. You can approach bathroom renovations Randwick team.

It is important to make essential changes. Focus on improving storage and utilities.

1. Right toilet selection

Toilet selection is always important. You have to make the right choice. Low tank types are best. They offer benefits. You can also go with hidden tank types.

These are contemporary types. They may cost more money, but they are functional. You may need regular maintenance as well. Select one that fits your bathroom style.

2. Shower floors

People often do not focus on shower floors. You always have hundreds of floor options. You need to consider the safety features. Select one that is small and textured. 

You can introduce shower floors during full renovations only. Select one that is anti-slip type. Floors that have patterns are the best. You can select a floral design.

Block print floors are also common. Always select light colour floors.  Ceramic can be the best choice.

3. Plumbing drains

If you hire experts they will recommend the right drain selection. You can select two-inch drain pipe. This is important. It will transport more water at the same time.

Two-inch drains will never get clogged. They are functional. Install the drain in the right spot. Always include a drain in the shower area.

4. Include or avoid tub

If you are performing full renovation task, you can decide on the tub. If the bathroom is big, you can have a tub. For small bathrooms, tub is never recommended.

You have to consider the size of the bathroom If you have separate tub area then it is better. The tub can be an obstruction. Do not include if the bathroom is small.

5. Select right spot for window

Any bathroom may need a window. This is important for ventilation. It removes humidity. It helps maintain the bathroom in dry condition. It will also allow natural light indoors.

If the bathroom does not have windows, it is more humid. It acts as a breeding ground for germs. Bathrooms may need natural light. You can select the best bathroom renovations Randwick to design your bathroom layout.

6. Storage cabinet

You may not need a big sized storage cabinet in the bathroom. But you may need a cabinet. You use it for storing medicines and accessories. 

Always ensure you select the right storage cabinet. Do not go with oversized cabinets. You need to measure the right dimension. It should be more functional.

You can try and include a vanity cabinet in the bathroom. This can be the best storage area. You can use it to store your cosmetics as well.

It is also important to select the right light settings. You can include LED lights as well. The benefit of full renovation is that you can add any elements. It makes the process easy.

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