Are You Selecting Wall Decals For Your Rooms? Here’s What You Need To Remember!!

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One of the most beautiful ways of decorating your walls is by using wall decals. Selecting these for decorating any room is convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective. Be it your living room or your child’s play area, you can choose different decals, from simple quotes to space wall decals based on a theme to enhance the look of a particular room. 

These are easy to stick and easy to remove stickers one has to select for their rooms, and you can customise them without having to go over budget. You can enjoy changing the look of your walls frequently with wall decals; however, here are a few things you must remember before applying or selecting any decals. 

Here’s what you must remember: 

Select an accent colour: 

You need to comprehend that the colour you select for your wall needs to complement the stickers. If you’re selecting space wall decals, having a deep or navy blue wall in the background would be more flattering than plain white. In addition, if you’re child needs a jungle theme selecting a dual coloured wall in blue and green will offer you an exciting look of grass and sky in the background; if it’s a quote for your living room, select dark decals against a white wall or for dark tones of walls and white coloured decals. 

Clean up your walls for better adhesion: 

If you’ve recently done a fresh paint job, you might not need this; however, it is advised to clean the wall with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust particles that might be sticking on the surface. If these are not removed properly, you might notice air bubbles in your wall decals. In addition, it can ruin the texture of space wall decals. Hence, get a clean wall to work with before applying any decals. 

Cut up larger wall decals for convenience: 

You might want to create a theme using wall decals, and such decals can be larger than most. If you need to use these, it’s not necessary to apply them as one. You might have a castle and a fairy near it, which you would want to place near your child’s study table; you can cut the wall decals and place the castle closer to the study table while the fairy can fly a little higher above the table or bed frame to combine the theme. 

Spray back paper lightly with water to peel it off quickly: 

At times you might not get everything right on the first try, and that’s nothing to be disheartened; you can simply remove the space wall decals and reposition them to get the desired look. You can try different spacing and create various looks with other decals.

Wall decals generally have three components:

  • An adhesive application coating
  • The vinyl wall decal with your layout
  • A top shielding back layer

Once you’ve stuck the decal on the wall, you need to remove the top backing layer. Lightly sprinkle or dampen the paper and gently peel it off laterally if it stays glued.

Decals of several types, be it space wall decals or quotes, will offer you an extensive range of looks and themes for your room. It will be beautiful without worrying about permanency. You can get the best alternatives with these wall decals. Be sure to remember the tips mentioned above to get the most benefits. 

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