What Are Various Types Of Marble Floor Tiles?

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Marble is a type of natural stone that, when treated properly, may be converted into magnificent flooring or tiles. Marble flooring is regarded as one of the most opulent and sophisticated floorings to put in a home, elevating you to a higher degree of sophistication.

Once installed, routine maintenance of a marble tile floor is reasonably simple; it requires the same sweeping and damp mopping as a ceramic tile floor. Marble flooring is one of the few things that never go out of style in home decor. Marble floor tiles in Sydney come in various styles that you may use in your house. 

The Sorts Of Marble Floor Tiles That You May Use In Your Home Are As Follows

  • Carrara Marble

Carrara marble is recognised around the globe for its inherent properties, which have enabled the production of magnificent works of art, historical monuments, and significant buildings.

It is greyish-white in hue with silky, feathery grey veining. Carrara is quite economical, providing you with magnificent yet cost-effective building material for your home.

  • Statuary Marble Tile

Statuary marble floor tile is one of the classic stones of Western Civilisation since it is used in many great works of sculpture. This is similar to Carrara in appearance, but it has a more transparent white backdrop and more dramatic veining, giving it a more opulent impression.

  • Calacatta Stone 

Calacatta Marble floor tile is also referred to as the dramatic Italian marble. The rare and expensive Calacatta stone is also mined in Italy’s Carrara area, notably in the Apuan Mountains. The stone has far greater colour variety than Carrara and is distinguished by a pristine white to milky white base with big dramatic veins ranging in hue from gold to brown to grey.

It is very popular among designers and homeowners because of its desirable characteristics: good density, hardness, minimal water absorption, strong pressure resistance, distinctive veins, highly polished, and beautiful.

  • Honed Marble

The honed marble floor tile variation has a more matte appearance. Tiles with honed finishes are more resistant to damage caused by frequent friction generated by shoes or other hard materials. Though it lacks the sparkle of polished marble, its matte texture improves traction and hence makes it safer in high traffic areas. Furthermore, the surface will not show abrasions as soon as a high polish will.

  • Tumbled Marble

The tumbled marble simulates ageing effects to produce an antique look and feel. It also has strong friction, but because it is not polished, it absorbs a lot of moisture and must be well maintained. Tumbled marble has a soft, smooth, and worn look. Tumbled stones have a powdery or dusty look and are coloured in subdued tones.


Marble flooring is one of the richest and most elegant floorings to install in a home, taking you to a higher level of elegance. Marble floor tiles in Sydney are available in a range of styles that may be used in your Sydney home. 

Carrara marble is known worldwide for its inherent characteristics, which have allowed for the creation of exquisite works of art, historical monuments, and notable buildings. Statuary marble floor tile is also affordable, providing you with a beautiful yet affordable building material for your home. Calacatta marble is mined in the Carrara region of Italy, namely in the Apuan Mountains.

The stone has significantly more colour variation than Carrara and is defined by a spotless white to milky white base with striking large veins ranging in colour from gold to brown to grey. The honed marble tile version seems more matte.

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