Benefits Of Using Theralux For Your Pools

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Are you still craving the whole spa feel despite having your very own pool/ Now, you can treat yourself with that vibe without having to spend a fortune on luxury resorts. All you need to do is add mineral additives to your pool; it is sure to make your backyard pool feel like having the country’s best-swimming pool at your disposal.  

Theralux is a purposeful mineral additive that is curated out of hundred percent earth minerals; it is a distinct blend of naturally occurring minerals that is rich in magnesium that upon adding to a pool or spa can elevate water quality that in turn equips you with health and well being. These make the water suitably softer and equip it with a natural feeling that allows your family to use the pool at length comfortably. 

Positives Associated With The Use Of Theralux: 

  • Pools with theralux treated mineral water are brimming with natural emollients. 
  • These serve to moisturise your skin while you are swimming and do not make it dry, removing the need to shower. 
  • These are gentle on sensitive skin and are ideal to be used by people who suffer from eczema and dermatitis or other acute skin ailments.
  • Employing these is a relaxing agent for your nervous system.
  • It also conditions one’s hair in the process, such that it allows for easy hair combing post a swim.
  • It further produces a milk flocking agent that serves to enhance water quality making it crystal clear. Additionally, these reduce the need for specialty chemicals like clarifiers and algaecides, which in turn reduces expenses.  
  • These also create an anti-scaling agent that aids in supplying longer life to salt cells, tile lines or any other sections of one’s pool that can potentially accumulate calcium build-up. 
  • A mineral enhanced pool was also found to be a positive for pregnant women. According to researchers, exposure to a proper magnesium level at the time of pregnancy can aid the uterus from contracting prematurely. These also help treat carrying ladies with tissue repair, as a result providing relief to a certain degree. 
  • Such pools are also considered to be energy efficient given that the pump being used to supply these into the pool ensures substantial electrical consumption saving over its lifetime. 
  • These further ensure reduced backwashing, thus reducing water usage and associated cost. It minimises the need for chemicals required for balancing the water as well.
  • The finite source can be saved on a minor level by reducing the water required as a top-up measure for your pool post backwashing. In the long run, these ensure substantial litres of water-saving. 
  • Theralux is also a crucial element in reducing urban salinity further, with an exceptionally reduced salt/mineral content of 3000ppm.
  • Additionally, these optimise minimum ongoing treatment that is typically required to cut through the use of harsh chemicals. 

The aforementioned pointers allude to the various positives associated with the use of theralux as an optimising agent for your backyard pools.

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