Discussing Different Types Of Plant Trailers

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If you have just started a manufacturing site, you would need all sorts of equipment to run it smoothly. One of the most important things that you’re going to require there is a plant trailer. To transport heavy & sensitive things simply and efficiently, the plant trailer becomes a necessity. We are going to discuss various types of plant trailers that you can buy for your manufacturing site. You can buy a couple of them as long as they suit your needs. Let’s get into the discussion part: 

General Load Trailers 

The first category of plant trailers that we are going to discuss here is the general load trailers. As the name suggests, they are meant to deal with the general load. They can further be categorised into 3 parts:

  • The most common option in general load trailers is the pig trailer. These feature one set of load-bearing wheels that are based in the middle of the trailer and act to balance the load in the centre of the carrying surface. They are generally small in size. In case an item can be spread out evenly, you can use this type of plant trailer to transport it. 
  • The second option is a dog trailer which is bigger than a pig trailer. As far as stability goes, this type of trailer has great efficiency. So even if a particular item is not evenly spread out, you can carry it on the trailer without worrying about the damage. It is the two sets of axle groups that provide stability to this type of plant trailer. 
  • Lastly, you get an option called semi-trailer here. You will see a set of wheels at the back of the trailer here. The trailer itself is physically attached to the drawing vehicle. The weight is evenly spread throughout here as well. Therefore, you can trust its stability as well. 

Specific Load Trailers 

This type of plant trailer is meant for specific purposes. You can derive it from the name itself. There are many options in the specific Load trailers: 

  • To carry out a car, you would need a car trailer. In case you want to transport a boat instead, you can go for a boat trailer.
  • Some specific mode trailers are used to carry livestock. Horse floats are very popular as they can transport your horses safely from one place to another. 
  • Certain other plant trailers have advanced technology. They have machinery fitted to them such as air compressors and concrete mixers. These sorts of features are meant to make the plant trailers more functional. 

Some of these specific load trailers might not even be required in a manufacturing site. You need to consider an option that fits the needs of your manufacturing site. Usually, you would need one of the options in general-purpose trailers. You can pick either pig, dog or semi-trailer options. Just make sure that the plant trailer that you choose is going to have a long run. It can be made possible only if you choose a trailer that suits your specific needs nicely! 

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