Everything You Need To Know Before Installing Plantation Shutters In Sydney

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Plantation shutters are a great way to block the excess light in your home. If your home is facing the sun, it may get too warm, especially during the summer. To avoid that, you can install plantation shutters. They have a lot of advantages like completely blocking the light and heat, providing you with a soothing home environment, and creating a sense of safety and privacy. Here is a complete guide on everything you need to know before installing plantation shutters in Sydney. 

Things To Consider Before Installing Plantation Shutters in Sydney

The material, style, and colour of the plantation shutters are the most important things to look into. 


The material of the plantation shutters is the first thing that you need to check before installation. The type of wood used for the plantation shutters should be decided according to the place where it is being installed. There are generally four types of materials available for plantation shutters – Waterproof Polyvinyl, Premium Elm Wood, Classic Poplar Wood, and Affordable Basswood. If you are installing plantation shutters in your kitchen or bathroom, then waterproof polyvinyl is your best choice. Similarly, if you are fixing the plantation shutters in your bedrooms, you can go for premium elm wood for the best quality. 


There are four styles of Plantation Shutters – solid shutters, cafe-style plantation, tier-on-tier plantation shutters, and full-height plantation shutters. Depending on your utility, it is best to decide which style you want your plantation shutters to be made in. The simplest and the most common style used in Sydney is the full-height plantation shutters. They cover the whole window of your room and the shutters are finely built to block all the light, heat, and noise. However, you can also go for tier-on-tier plantation shutters if you want your blinds to open in parts. They are great when it comes to providing you privacy. You can also consider solid plantation shutters if privacy is an issue. They completely block light and heat when closed. 


In most pictures and catalogs, the plantation shutters are depicted in white colour. However, you can choose a colour of your own. They are available in whichever colour you prefer according to your home aesthetics. However, you should also keep in mind that if you choose a dark shade for your plantation shutters, they may completely darken your room. A lighter shade is preferable, especially when it comes to partial blocking of light. 

Advantages Of Installing Plantation Shutters In Sydney

Here are some of the advantages of plantation shutters:

  • Plantation shutters can block the excess light efficiently, giving your room the proper shade in the morning. This also improves your sleep.
  • When plantation shutters are completely closed, they tend to block any noise pollution from the exterior source. This can also help improve your home environment. 
  • Plantation shutters are also well known to retain heat transfer and keep your house warm during the winters and cool during the summers.
  • Plantation shutters give you the utmost privacy when they are completely shut. They do not compromise the light of your room.

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