What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Solar Powered Lights?

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It has been quite a while since the technology of solar-powered lighting systems has entered the global markets. But the way that its share in the global market has escalated in the recent past is unprecedented which makes one wonder if it is worthwhile to replace all existing systems with solar-powered lighting. The street and pathway lights are one such field of use that faces this dilemma. The following article highlights the most prominent advantages and the disadvantages of opting for solar-powered street lights which makes it easier for one to determine their utility considering their present condition and requirement.



One of the benefits of using solar-powered pathway lights and streetlights that make it an absolute favorite of everyone is the savings that it provides. Savings on account of energy which is significant taking into account the growing demand and the gap between demand and supply and financial savings that everyone welcomes wholeheartedly. The lights derive their energy from one of the most prominent and abundant sources of energy present in the entire universe which is the sun, and this reduces the dependence on conventional sources. Moreover, this also reduces pollution and further adds to the cause of saving the environment.

Easy Installation And Usage

Another important benefit of solar-powered street lights is that they are quite easy to install and involve no complications or complex cable laying work that demands much expertise, knowledge, and time. The steps of digging ditches to lay cables and the cost of laying cable pipes get eliminated. In addition to this, the complexity of the process is also reduced significantly making it easier to install these. Moreover, it is further easier and quite budget-friendly to use and maintain these streetlights which makes them a better alternative to conventional lights.

Better Control

Another major advantage that makes it sensible to opt for solar-powered street lights is that you get better control and the requirement for manual operation reduces. Moreover, the control is also better on account of reduced dependence as each unit’s performance does not affect the working of any other unit. Also, these lights are available in a wider range of options according to the suitability of one’s needs and requirements. Thus, opting for these lights makes it easier and better to have greater control over the working of the system as a whole.


Expensive Installation

Although in the long run, solar streetlights are much more economical than conventional lights, these lights demand a higher upfront investment. These lights are a bit more expensive than conventional lights and also require batteries for use that are costlier which makes it difficult for someone with little capital to opt for these and invest in them.

Replaces Of Batteries

Another reason why some people are not able to opt for these is the cost of replacing the batteries. All batteries at some time or the other will eventually exhaust and the cost of replacing these can hurt one’s limited budget which makes opting for these a slightly difficult choice.


Thus, one needs to understand that solar is the technology of the future towards which everyone will have to switch eventually, but one should determine whether they currently are capable of making this switch towards solar-powered street lights or not.

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