Things To Consider When Looking For Solar Power Companies

Things To Consider When Looking For Solar Power Companies

When you decide to go solar, you gain a “sense of belonging” to society because you are now contributing to the important environment. The solar industry has made incredible strides in recent years. A lot of companies are coming up with low-cost equipment, installation, and maintenance services, which is encouraging more people to get involved with solar, but how do you choose when there are so many solar power companies?

Choosing the right solar company entails more than just looking for the best production quality and the highest solar energy output. When making this decision, take a multifaceted approach that considers all options as well as each company’s ethos to avoid mistakes that could harm your solar system in the future.

Here are some things to consider when choosing solar power companies:

  • Commitment to Quality & Safety:

The primary function of solar panels is to generate solar energy in a safe and efficient manner. The solar company should state unequivocally that they are committed to providing only the highest quality products and should back up this claim with specifics on how their solar energy solutions are achieved.

  • Previous Clients:

Reliable solar power companies can be found by evaluating previous clients and their testimonials. This not only provides insight into their history but also serves as a good indicator of their solar expertise and approach to the entire solar energy process, from design and engineering to construction and manufacturing.

  • Cost Alternatives:

A solar system company’s proposed cost includes several factors, such as the flat fee for the solar panels, the cost of installation, future maintenance fees, and warranty guarantees. 

You may also want to buy a large number of solar panels from a renewable energy company, in which case an extended payment period may be appealing. When looking for solar power companies, one should weigh the various competitive prices offered as well as analyse each payment plan.

  • Reputation:

Analysing previous reviews to assess the scale that the solar system company provides is an important step in the research process. This includes things like the number of employees a company has, their commitment to customer service, warranty options, and whether or not they have global expertise. 

Another way to assess a solar company’s reputation is to look at any awards or other forms of public recognition that they have received.

  • Bankability:

Assessing the financial stability of renewable energy companies is critical because purchasing solar panels is a long-term investment that guarantees future relations with the company. As a result, choose solar power companies with dependable investors and high ratings to back up their quality.


Conduct extensive research on the history of quality and dependability. Ascertain that the solar power companies have been certified or awarded by leading solar industry organisations which provide installer training.

Check to see who will be working on your project and what their qualifications and experience are. If he is a full-time employee of the brand or is outsourced as such, he will have little good experience and certifications.

What are the essential considerations to be kept in mind before finalising the purchase of Solar Bollards?

What are the essential considerations to be kept in mind before finalising the purchase of Solar Bollards?

You are required to ask pertinent questions to identify and ascertain the ultimate perfect and best outdoor solar bollard lights for your site. Solar Bollard lights are the ideal ultimate choice and preference for outdoor lighting and landscape design- as these solar bollards are quite effortless and affordable to install. Being environmentally friendly in nature and characteristic, these solar bollards do not add and complement your monthly electric bill. The surging market for solar bollards has driven a lot of product innovation. Still, at the same time, it also implies that customers are quite often new to the industry and have no idea and clues about what to perceive when comparing models.

Varied and divergent solar bollard lights possess extensively differing levels of quality on everything else right from power storage capacity to light output and service life. Asking the appropriate questions before finalizing your ultimate purchase would save and safeguard you from wasting your money on an ineffective solar installation.

Solar Bollards

This article discusses the essential considerations to be kept in mind while finalizing the ultimate purchase of Solar Bollards:

1) Autonomy: Majorly people realize and comprehend the general thumb rule and maxim of solar bollard lighting. When sunlight arrives on a solar panel, it charges the battery during the day. That stored energy is employed to power the light after dark. The higher and more substantial the autonomy of a solar bollard light, the longer it can remain lit and illuminated without being charged. Bottom-tier solar bollard lights possess cheap batteries so that they can only stay brightly illuminated for a couple of hours without the presence and exposure of direct sunlight. That scenario might not become a problem in the tropics, where the sun shines consistently all across the year. But at the same time, it makes and harnesses the lights completely ineffective anywhere else. To remain effective in the northern latitudes, solar bollards require more autonomy. Better and improvised solar bollard lights arrive with a high-capacity lithium battery and deploy their stored power more efficiently and proficiently to stay illuminated during long periods of dark and stormy weather.

2)  Power Storage: As far as Autonomy is significant, but at the same time, the related stat of power storage is a close second. It measures how efficiently and proficiently a solar bollard fixture can transform sunlight into a battery charge. A solar bollard light with commendable power storage needs minimal time to fully charge a depleted battery and can continue to function effectively with few daylight hours. Power Storage is not similar to setting time. A low-capacity battery might reach full charge mode more quickly and effortlessly than a larger battery. Still, the high-capacity battery would peculiarly possess a special power storage rate.

3)  Working Temperature: Some climates are harder and tougher on outdoor solar bollard lights as compared to others. When mixed and blended with the extremes of hot and cold, moisture can wreak havoc on pathetic protected batteries and solar cells. Suppose your site is specifically wet, hot, or cold commodity level. In that case, batteries might not survive it for a longer time frame. You can make sure that your installation would last longer by choosing solar bollard lights with a specified high or low-temperature tolerance. The battery is peculiarly the first and foremost parameter to fall from extreme temperatures.


Thus, to sum up, Outdoor solar bollard lighting harnesses spaces safer and secured after sunset by maintaining them well-illuminated as well as visible. Lighting can also become aesthetic, beautifying a space and enabling it at a place where people want it to be suspended. Unlike other lighting sources, solar bollard lights can be quickly deployed, singly or in groups, as an effective immediate solution. Designers can effortlessly and efficiently create beautiful and stunning outdoor nightscapes that highlight paths and landscape characteristics.

Should I Wait To Buy Additional Solar Battery Storage For My Solar Setup?

Should I Wait To Buy Additional Solar Battery Storage For My Solar Setup?

Waiting for the right time to install a battery to your already existing setup should be a carefully weighed decision. While it is not really to decide, there are things to be considered thoroughly before it is being done. The solar battery storage cost is the first and foremost one. Then there are other considerations as well. Here, we have tried to help you through the process of decision. You must weigh the pros and cons before making a decision on adding battery storage to your unit. According to the Australian Energy Council, nearly 15% of the country’s households have already installed a solar system on their roofs. 

The experts are also of the view that the Australian solar revolution has already begun with over 1.6 million households already having set up the solar panel system to draw power during the need of the hour. In this way, they have reduced both the electricity bill and carbon print. Solar power is quite a cheap source compared to the electricity board. The singular hiccup in this system seems to be the fact that the batteries are charging during the day and the inverters are converting energy to store during the day with the help of sunrays to be used in the evening when it is recognized as the peak time. This is forcing them to send the energy back to the grid and buy it again. 

 According to the Climate Council, Australians are paying around 20-35c per kWh to import power to their households as compared to receiving only 5-8c per Kwh for their energy export to the grid. This is not a very bright picture; on the contrary, it is quite bleak unless another alternative is being used. After all, the ideal situation should be a combination of saving money along with a cutback in bills. To achieve these additional solar batteries can be added and the solar battery storage cost will not be more than what you are already spending on your electricity bills. 

Advantages of Solar Battery Storage

Adding a solar battery is a great way to boost the storage of power inside the solar panel. The battery will enable you to store the surplus energy that is created by your panels during the day to be used during the peak consumption hour. The energy stored sometimes is in a huge amount which will help you to almost double the power consumption during the peak time. Incorporating a 4-5kW battery into a residential solar system can enhance the generated power to 30-60%. This is quite a boost considering the consumption in households. 

  • The Expenses

The solar battery storage cost used to be high even a couple of years back and due to this they never achieved the popularity they should have earlier. Thanks to recent technological advancement the batteries now come cheap thus making them affordable for most households. The solar battery storage cost slashed by 14% each year between 2007 and 2014. Experts are of the opinion that the cost will fall even more making them a more viable option for the consumers. According to the prediction by experts, the number of households consuming solar energy should increase exponentially by the next decade. 

  • Is it Worth for You?

If your primary interest lies in reducing your carbon footprint, then adding a battery for energy storage is the most natural step. But it is also a calculated step forward if you are interested in saving money by reducing your electricity bills. However, in order to make a sound decision, it is imperative that you compare the solar battery storage cost along with installation cost to the money you are probably going to save from paying electricity bills for a stipulated period of time. This makes it a more tangible situation for you. Your personal consumption pattern, motivation, and circumstances will determine whether it is the right choice for you or not.

  • Choosing a Solar Battery

Choosing a solar battery is not easy but it is not a mammoth task either. The solar battery storage cost depends on the storage size of the battery, their level of efficiency, and of course lifecycle. With more efficiency and storage capacity your battery will live more and thus will cost more. You can opt for another method. If you are waiting before you can add batteries, then install a solar system that lets you stack batteries on top of each other so that the overall storage capacity increases. 

  • Options Available

Should you wait before buying an additional battery for your solar system also depends on the kind of options you choose from. While installing instantly is a good choice for some, waiting it out until the price drops, even more, makes sense to some buyers. During that time, you can spend money on preparing the system for an additional battery later on. Moreover, it is not just the battery, you cannot forget that all inverters and batteries are not compatible and that the inverter is the one converting the energy from DC to AC which is the consumable form. Also, you need a system that can charge itself even during a cloudy day which means a powerful system is a requirement. Discuss it with professionals who are willing to help.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Solar Powered Lights?

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Solar Powered Lights?

It has been quite a while since the technology of solar-powered lighting systems has entered the global markets. But the way that its share in the global market has escalated in the recent past is unprecedented which makes one wonder if it is worthwhile to replace all existing systems with solar-powered lighting. The street and pathway lights are one such field of use that faces this dilemma. The following article highlights the most prominent advantages and the disadvantages of opting for solar-powered street lights which makes it easier for one to determine their utility considering their present condition and requirement.



One of the benefits of using solar-powered pathway lights and streetlights that make it an absolute favorite of everyone is the savings that it provides. Savings on account of energy which is significant taking into account the growing demand and the gap between demand and supply and financial savings that everyone welcomes wholeheartedly. The lights derive their energy from one of the most prominent and abundant sources of energy present in the entire universe which is the sun, and this reduces the dependence on conventional sources. Moreover, this also reduces pollution and further adds to the cause of saving the environment.

Easy Installation And Usage

Another important benefit of solar-powered street lights is that they are quite easy to install and involve no complications or complex cable laying work that demands much expertise, knowledge, and time. The steps of digging ditches to lay cables and the cost of laying cable pipes get eliminated. In addition to this, the complexity of the process is also reduced significantly making it easier to install these. Moreover, it is further easier and quite budget-friendly to use and maintain these streetlights which makes them a better alternative to conventional lights.

Better Control

Another major advantage that makes it sensible to opt for solar-powered street lights is that you get better control and the requirement for manual operation reduces. Moreover, the control is also better on account of reduced dependence as each unit’s performance does not affect the working of any other unit. Also, these lights are available in a wider range of options according to the suitability of one’s needs and requirements. Thus, opting for these lights makes it easier and better to have greater control over the working of the system as a whole.


Expensive Installation

Although in the long run, solar streetlights are much more economical than conventional lights, these lights demand a higher upfront investment. These lights are a bit more expensive than conventional lights and also require batteries for use that are costlier which makes it difficult for someone with little capital to opt for these and invest in them.

Replaces Of Batteries

Another reason why some people are not able to opt for these is the cost of replacing the batteries. All batteries at some time or the other will eventually exhaust and the cost of replacing these can hurt one’s limited budget which makes opting for these a slightly difficult choice.


Thus, one needs to understand that solar is the technology of the future towards which everyone will have to switch eventually, but one should determine whether they currently are capable of making this switch towards solar-powered street lights or not.