5 Tips For Cleaning The Motorised Blinds Chatswood

5 Tips For Cleaning The Motorised Blinds Chatswood

What makes window blinds challenging to clean? In that windows, it consists of many smaller holes that may attract dirt and dust. Those dusty blinds make even the spacious room to be musty. It seems pretty tedious, and dusting your Motorised blinds Chatswood is an easy process. Different parts of the blinds require different kinds of cleaning methods. It would help to have a handheld vacuum, a microfiber cloth, and your all-purpose cleaner to make your blinds attractive. Here are some valuable tips for maintaining and cleaning your blinds in Chatswood:

Gather the cleaning materials:

Designate cleaning supplies to grab the blinds. Before cleaning, check which vacuum cleaner brush accessories best fit the blinds in your rooms. It would help if you also had microfiber cloths to clean the nooks and crannies. You want to wear a clean sock over your hand, dip it into the water, and you will be able to clean all the window handling in your home. A small tub of warm water and dish soap enhances you with more stubborn grime. It would help if you had extra care while handling harsh chemicals, like bleach and ammonia, as they can damage aluminum Motorised blinds Chatswood and vinyl and wood.

Close the blinds:

Begin by fully lowering the blinds to cover the entire window length. While closing the wood and faux-wood blinds, the boards of vinyl and aluminum blinds, which often overlap, should slant downward but not completely closed for cleaning.

Dust the blinds:

You are holding the bottom of the blind in one hand to stabilize the vertical blinds. Wipe the Motorised blinds Chatswood with a microfiber cloth from top to bottom. Wipe your blinds in a downward motion else they could get detached. You can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft dusting brush accessory and a low-suction setting to remove the dust.

 For horizontal blinds, the process is precisely the same as the vertical blinds except for the wiping method. Clean from the top slat to the bottom so that the dust doesn’t fall on areas you have cleaned already.

Flip the blinds and repeat the process:

Once cleaning one side of the blinds, flip them so the other side faces you to clean. Even though you have vacuumed with a brush attachment, you must repeat the process. You can also go over the surface area with a microfiber cloth to handle any stubborn spots. You can also notice that the window-facing side is dirtier as outside pollution can build up on the laths. To clean the dirt, dish soap and white vinegar solution can help remove the grime. After completing that process, wipe away with a wet cloth and let air dry.  

Clean the nearby area:

While cleaning the blinds, you will likely shed a lot of dust and remains onto the floor and the windowsill. Ensure to clean this with a vacuum. A microfiber dusting paw is also a quick solution for gathering stray particles. You can also make a plan ahead for future blind-cleaning sessions. If a blind cleaner hasn’t seen your blinds for a while, you will see the visible dust bunnies and clean them with a dry cloth.

Final words:

These are a few tips for cleaning the blinds in your home. This will be very helpful for you to clean the blinds and helps to keep your living room attractive. There are many benefits of using the Motorised blinds Chatswood; one among them is keeping your home ambiance clean and protecting you from dust.