Read About Various Kinds Of Fire Extinguishers And How They Are Used!

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The idea behind portable Fire extinguishers is that by eliminating any one or more of these four components, the fire can be extinguished. The gasoline, heat source and chain reaction vary with each class of fire, which is why there are different types of fire extinguishers depending on the fire class. 

Different Forms of Extinguishers

Now that you have a clear understanding of the different forms of fire and why various extinguishers are available, few key types of fire extinguishers will be discussed and their uses:

ABC Powder Extinguisher

It is a multi-purpose extinguisher, an ABC powder fire extinguisher has several benefits and is also one of the most common extinguishers to have in the office. A very fine chemical powder consisting of mono ammonium phosphate is sprayed. This method helps to blanket and suffocate the flames.

Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher

One of the cleanest types of extinguishers which is used is a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher (CO2). CO2 fire extinguishers are generally preferred in offices. It separates oxygen from the fire, which weakens fire. It is suitable to use on fires which contain flammable liquids and electric fires.

Wet Chemical Extinguisher

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are specialised extinguishers used mainly for places which involve usage of cooking oils which are in restaurants and kitchens. These extinguishers produce a potassium-composed solution that essentially releases a two-pronged attack on the fire. The liquid mist that it sprays works first to cool the flames. Secondly, dense soap-like material forms due to the chemical reaction, it seals the surface of the liquid to prevent re-ignition.

Water Mist Extinguisher

The water mist fire extinguishers are the most flexible of the bunch, it uses the latest technology that puts off most fires.When High pressure water is released from the Fire hose’s supersonic nozzle, the water is dispersed in such a molecular level that suppresses the fire. In addition, the amount of oxygen in the air is reduced when too much water is spread in such a microscopic fog-like manner, which suffocates the flames.

Foam Extinguisher 

Foam fire extinguishers are best suited for flammable liquids. When it hits the air and blankets the flames, In order to slow down the flames, this blanket prevents the vapours from liquid fire, thereby robbing it of oxygen. For liquid flames, such as gasoline fires, foam fire extinguishers are some of the best, but it can also be used for Class A fires involving solid fuels such as wood.

Clean Agent Extinguisher 

Stored in its liquid state, it transforms into gas form as soon as it is sprayed. It is non-conductive, safe for use, can leave no trace, and has a very limited ambient life, rendering it environmentally sustainable. These fire extinguishers are suitable for rooms or industries packed with electrical and electronic appliances because of its non-conductive nature, making them a much safer option at offices.

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