How To Find The Best Solar Installers In Katoomba?

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You must have already learned about the benefits of using solar panels and solar power if you have decided to get solar panels installed in your Katoomba home or commercial space. The use of solar panels has recently come into popularity in Katoomba both residential and commercial usage. So if you have decided to adopt the eco-friendly power source for your premises by installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, you will need to hire solar installers who can do the job for you. It is, of course, essential you choose the best solar installer services.

Be aware of the three chief components of rooftop solar power systems so you can check whether everything is being installed properly. These are:

panel mounting system, solar panels and solar inverter. Batteries may also be part of the system. 

Check each component because it is essential that they are of good quality, though if you hire reputed solar installers from Katoomba, then workmanship would not be negligible. 

Once you have that sorted, it’s time you know how to find the best solar installers in Katoomba.

The three most essential and primary factors you should focus on are:

Experience, Credentials and Client Testimonials

These are without question the best ways to figure out whether any company is reliable, and the same applies to solar installers. Find out how experienced they are and how long they’ve been in the solar panelling business. The business website may mention the number of installations they have performed; if not, simply ask them yourself. You can also inquire about their experience with government permits and inspection issues. Permit and inspection delays are obstacles commonly faced by solar installers in Katoomba, and if they have good experience under their belt, they should have answers to these. 

Having proper credentials is also important for solar installers, and a good way to find this out is by checking the company’s proficiency through their certifications. Go through their site, check about their previous projects to get more details about their expertise as solar installers. You should ask in person for related licenses and certifications for proof from potential solar panel companies you are planning to hire. 

There are specific licenses, and government accredited commendations under the local Katoomba system. These specific certifications are given to a solar installer business with specialised training and have sufficient experience and expertise. 

Client testimonials and reviews are how you find out about the solar installer company’s reputation and on-field record. You can easily search online to find such reviews if the company is well known enough. Sometimes company websites have client testimonials as well. But it is best you find testimonials from unbiased sites and sources like Google reviews. Be sure to go through these carefully to find out people’s experience with the company. A generally good consensus should give you an idea if the company has offered reliable service in Katoomba. 

You can also ask people as word of mouth can be an excellent way to find out about service. 

Ask About Warranties

Most solar installer services and parts should be covered under warranty. But it may vary from one business to another, so find out warranty details in advance. Typically reputed solar installers offer a 5 to 10 years long warranty for solar panel work, but be sure to go through the terms and conditions before signing the dotted line. Hardware such as inverters and solar panels has around 30 years of warranty. 

Warranty details are a vital part of solar panel installation services, and you should choose a company based on who offers the best warranties. You may be able to find out about performance and maintenance policies from the service contract as well. 

Customisation Based On Your Requirements

There is no ‘one size fits all’ in solar panel work; in fact, you should avoid businesses that try to convince you of the same. Find companies that offer good customisation solar installation work based on your house and individual needs, according to your budget and power requirements. 

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