Factors To Consider Before Installing Frameless Glass Pool Fence

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There’s no doubt regarding the fact that frameless glass pool fencing in St George is going to prove really beneficial for you once you install it. The security and the appeal of this option is always going to keep it as one of the best fencing options in St George. But you still have to plan things nicely before you go on to install it. 

Here are some of the important factors that you have to consider at all costs before you install frameless glass pool fencing:- 

  1. Height And Width :

The height and width of frameless glass pool fencing is an important factor to be considered. It’s not going to be the same for all the pools. It depends the most upon the area and space. If there are space constraints, you will have to limit your vision and look for the best possible installation in the given space. But if there are no space constraints, you can try to unfold your vision quite clearly. It doesn’t mean that you have to go all out with it. Consider a height and width which is needed for your pool, goes well with your budget and still achieves your vision about its installation. 

  1. Thickness :

Another important aspect to be considered is the thickness of frameless glass pool fencing. Generally, it is supposed to be somewhere between 6mm-12mm. But if you believe in modifying it, you can extend the thickness upto 18mm. If you choose to go for a thickness in the range of 6mm-8mm, it might not be very good to withstand heavy winds. If you live in a windy area of St George, you should definitely consider a thicker option. But if you go for a greater thickness, you are also supposed to pay a greater price for it. 

  1. The Style :

This is something that would depend totally upon you. We cannot tell you the exact design that you should go for when it comes to frameless glass pool fencing. It will depend upon your preferences clearly. This is one factor that would be very pleasing for you to understand since it’s all about your choices rather than knowing the ins and outs of pool fencing. Some people prefer a very moderate design while some others want to go for a really unique one. What’s your choice regarding frameless glass pool fencing? Decide it for yourself. 

  1. Quality :

Frameless glass pool fencing in St George is generally considered a very safe option. But can you go for it blindly just by looking at some of its amazing benefits? Definitely not, you will have to do your research work. You will find various organisations providing you the material needed for the job. The quality is not going to be the same in each case, it will differ big time. Depending on your budget and needs, you can decide upon the quality. 

While all these factors are important, one common factor concerned with all of these factors is your budget. It will always come down to the cost you can bear in order to install frameless glass pool fencing in St George! 

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