Know The Best Uses And Options Of Feature Tiles In Your Bathroom

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Feature tiles have been very popular these days to highlight a section of a room. And when it comes to adorning a bathroom, feature tile is just the right choice. However, it is not only used for decorating a space. It has more purposes to serve. 

What Are The Other Purposes Of Feature Bathroom Tiles?

Let us focus on three other purposes that feature tiles bathroom that can add decorative value to your bathroom. 

  1. Feature tiles can accentuate a space. If you install it on a wall or use it in a single portion of the floor, that would beautifully highlight the section. It would create a point of attraction and focus on the bathroom. 
  2. Featured tiles can give a spacious effect in a small bathroom. It would depend on the tile you are choosing and the way of installation. You have to consult an expert if you want to use feature tiles to make the bathroom look larger than it is.
  3. Installing featured tile in the showering space can protect the walls and floors. Various durable and water-resistant tile options can keep the walls protected from damps and damages. This is a huge benefit for bathrooms. 

Some Tips While Choosing Featured Tiles

Before we discuss the featured tile options that you may select from, let us give you some tips while selecting the feature tiles bathroom. 

  1. Try to choose a light colour if you want to keep the look subtle and natural. Colours like beige, baby pink, sky blue, faded yellow would look phenomenal in the featured portion.
  2. Choose various shapes of tile to give an exceptional look. Choose different patterns and colours for floors and walls. But make sure to create a contrast.
  3. For floors, you may create interesting combinations. You can highlight the floor around the bathtub or the sink. Also, on walls, you can draw patterns using tiles to highlight the bathing section. Try to combine 2 or 3 different tiles to give a stunning vibe.

Top 5 Feature Tile Options For Your Bathroom

Let us see which tiles you may choose to feature a section of your bathroom. 

  1. Fish scale- Highlight an entire bathroom wall with colourful fish scale tiles to give a brilliant effect to your bathroom.
  2. Tiny tiles- These are thin rectangular tiles of light colours that would look delicate and elegant in your bathroom.
  3. Marble tiles- Marbles have natural patterns that appear magnificent. Give a luxurious touch to your bathroom with shiny and durable marble tiles.
  4. Floral tiles- These give a quirky and classic vibe instead. Vintage lovers can surely use floral tiles to accentuate a bathroom portion.
  5. Hexagonal tiles- Hexagonal shapes look exclusive in the bathroom floors and walls. They would subtly beautify your bathroom interior.

If you are eager to use featured tiles in your bathroom, go through the options and select the one you like. Consider your budget and taste to select the one that harmonizes your bathroom. And you are all set to create an exclusive bathroom interior!

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