Great kitchen extension ideas for your home

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If there is space in the homes, consider these kitchen extension ideas for a fresh and innovative look. Since the kitchen is the heart of the house, it should be elegant and classy. Further, it should have the potential to create a warm and inviting space within budgets and with imaginations. Kitchens are places where families run day to day errands. A professionally built kitchen increases the value of the homes. 

  1. Small kitchen extension ideas

For those living in small spaces, doing a kitchen extension will be correct. Likewise, distance does matter a lot. For the terraced homes, extending the kitchen might seem impossible. A kitchen is typically formed at the back of the property. The strip extension is the standard extension added at the back of the house. 

  1. Conservatory kitchen expansion ideas

Adding a conservatory to the homes also is a great extension idea giving you a new room. With technological advancements, the quality of conservatories has improved. These can now be used all year long. A conservatory leading from the kitchen expands the space. Also, it allows light to come in more than before. 

  1. Opening of the walls

If the house is small, open-plan space is an excellent choice for extension ideas for kitchens. Besides, all the homes having small kitchens and dining areas, know the walls off. Create two separate spaces creating open-plan spaces. It allows opportunities to arrange the room according to the needs of the owners. 

  1. Kitchen-living extension plans

In the olden times, the kitchen was used for cooking and serving meals to families. But nowadays, everyone is so busy with flexy hours, and kids come and go as they like. Secondly, it’s hard to get everyone in the same place. Having kitchen living extension areas only increases the time families spend together. The inclusion of a breakfast bar provides opportunities for families to spend more time. 

Also, the kitchen and dining room can be converted into a kitchen diner. For the same, seek out professional service. 

Lighting the kitchen 

Extension ideas also bring in challenges with lighting. An extension provides one with more opportunity to allow natural light to come in. 

  1. Natural light

Install skylights in the ceilings that will flood the kitchens with natural light. Also, you can add elements of the outdoors directly to the kitchen. Also, bi-folding glass doors can do the work. 

  1. Using artificial lights

With kitchen extension, some parts of the kitchen might want additional lighting. LED spotlights turn to be efficient solutions. If the original kitchen had beams, track lighting could also be used stylishly. 

Planning the layout

Firstly, divide different areas of the kitchen. Likewise, use the kitchen cabinets as an island for defining various parts of the home. Plan for a lightly sunken living room to feel the snugness. You can also add living space on the roof. 


Arrange everything as per the extension ideas to make the kitchen look bigger and brighter. Add cabinets and drawers to put all the things.

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