What To Look For In Fire Shutters Before Purchasing?

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Fire shutters have been quite beneficial and are considered worthy as they have the ability to guard us against the fire spread.

According to the experts, most architects and designers are suggesting people install fire shutters at their place (residential and commercial) in order to minimise the damage because of fire. But this is impactful and effective only when the right shutters are purchased.

There are several variants of fire shutters available in the market. But making the right choice amidst these is the key point because it would be protecting your family, belongings, and you from the fire. Hence, have a look at some of the essential factors that determine the quality of the fire shutter.

Fire Rating And Grading

When safety is concerned, one must not ignore the rating and grading that comes with the fire shutters in Sydney. This marks the shutters potential to withstand the type of fire breakout. While the highest rating is considered best for industrial and commercial places, on the other hand, the fire shutters for residential houses have different ratings.

Therefore, as a buyer, one needs to be very particular about the rating to ascertain 100% safety.


Each door unit has its own set of specifications. You need to be very particular about this and the purchase should be based on the specifications. Collating with the specifications would mean peace of mind. In case of doubt, experts can be consulted for the best result.

According to some of the market leaders, there are two different types of specifications of fire shutters in Sydney. One that has a compact application for over 7 metres while the other for less than 7 metres. These specifications have “integrity” fire protection ranging from 60 minutes to 240 minutes.

Legal Compliance

Any manufacturer or seller of fire shutters in Sydney should be trusted only when it has the right legal compliance. It stands mandatory by law, keeping in mind the optimum safety in case of an accident. Apart from this, under legal compliance, the entire system is to be evaluated based on repair, maintenance, safety, and suitability.

Also, abiding by the legal compliance would mean that in case of any mishappening, you would be entitled to warranty and insurance of your belongings and life.

Aesthetic Beauty

It is true that the increase in the popularity of the fire shutters in Sydney has been not only because of the safety that they guarantee but also the aesthetic beauty that they provide or add when installed at a place. The manufacturers of these shutters ensure that each of the components that add to the beauty is precise and flawless. These companies have been very much particular about the finish without compromising with the safety parameters.


The above mentioned are some of the essential key points to look out for in fire shutters. These things would double the safety and peace of mind at both residential and commercial places.

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