Perks Of Being A Salt Water Pool Owner

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 Getting a salt water pool is widely considered to be a safe investment. But, is it a smart one? 

Thinking of getting a saltwater pool? You’re not alone. These pools are growing extremely popular purely because they’re cheap, easy to install and offer genuine benefits. Installing salt systems to swimming pools is a very cheap process. Plus, people are rapidly replacing their chlorinators with salt systems because the latter is much safer. Using a chlorine pool comes with additional risks like chlorine shocks, chemical effects to the skin, algaecide, and of course the need to acquire chlorine almost every month. Instead of risking your skin and spending your time on excessive pool maintenance, getting salt pools is the much more practical option. 

Practical Reasons

Contrary to popular belief, a saltwater pool isn’t a pool full of salty water. That would make swimming pools unbearable just like oceans. In fact, the salt in these swimming pools is almost unnoticeable. The water doesn’t taste salty at all as the salt pool system’s equipment automatically activates the pool’s water pumps and maintains a healthy amount of salt in the water. The water looks beautiful and keeps away potentially harmful microorganisms. Unlike chlorine pools, salt pools don’t require constant refills or maintenance. Plus, salt has been a preferred pool sanitisation tool for centuries. It’s by far the safest sanitisation tool in the market. Chlorine, which is more easily accessible, is known for causing itchy skin, red eyes, and other damages to users. With a salt system, there are no such risks. More importantly, swimming pool owners can finally eliminate the harsh chlorine smell that stinks up their properties and backyards! 

Natural Exfoliating Agent

Instead of spending excessively on skin exfoliating agents, people should get a salt water pool. Why? Because these pools contain sulphur. Sulphur, when in contact with skin cells, causes a keratolytic effect. In simpler terms, it softens the sensitive skin, helps it shed all dead skin cells, and eliminate clogged pores or black spots. Unlike most chemical-based exfoliating agents, salt is non-irritative. Saltwater feels extremely gentle on the skin, irrespective of what your skin type is. That’s why doctors often recommend people suffering from acne, eczema, or psoriatic skin, to take regular swims in salt pools. 

Stress Relief 

After long and tiring days, the last thing homeowners need is burning eyes from their traditional chlorine-laced swimming pools. Unfortunately, homeowners who don’t switch to salt pools, often suffer from these skin-burning issues. In a salt water pool, such risks are absent. Homeowners can choose to add chlorine to their salt pools for sanitation purposes. But, constantly swimming in chlorine pools is very dangerous. Plus, salt naturally produces chlorine from time to time. This chlorine, unlike the one you purchase from a swimming pool equipment store, acts as a natural disinfectant and isn’t’ half as harsh on the eyes or the skin. These detoxifying effects promote feelings of calmness and relaxation in the user’s mind and provide amazing stress-relief. 

Buying Salt Pools 

Getting a saltwater pool is extremely cheap and simple. Swimming every day in waters rich with magnesium, potassium, and bromine can help homeowners in various ways. Why wait? Just get one already!

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