How To Extend Your Current Deck?

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Constructing a deck is the most pleasant way of extending living space. It works as a fantastic home extension to help you relish the beautiful outdoor space while still enjoying the convenience of just being a few steps away from your living room. It is also the most popular way of entertaining a house party. 

However, if you have a cramped and small deck, it will not suit entertainment purposes. We have good news for you. If you have a structurally sound deck, you can extend the existing deck provided you work with reliable deck builders in Northern Beaches. 

Here are some more considerations that you need to make before hiring Northern Beaches builders for a home extension. 

  • Extending your deck to the same level

The most straightforward way of extending your current deck is developing the boards and sub-frame at the same level. All you need to do is remove a few barriers initially to do this. Firstly, you need to unscrew the boards along the side you want to extend to expose the two beams. To enlarge the sub-frame, you should put up additional joist posts and fix the sub-frame joists to them. That way, you will get the area you want to extend. 

The second step is to fix new deck boards across the exposed joists. You need to remember that you should position the joints half-way through a joist and screw both the boards into it. Once you reach the sides, try to cut off the excess deck boards in one line with the sub-frame. 

  • Extending your deck to a new direction

If you want your extensions to change direction or act as a walkway to another section of the deck, you can try changing the boards’ direction. To do this, you will see the deck builders in northern beaches are attaching new joists to the sub-frame using coach screws. They will then mark out your required extension area and put up the remaining sub-frame joists and joist support posts. In the next step, you should use metal joist hangers to join the internal joists to the connecting ones. If you wish to lay the deck-board diagonally see whether the builders are spacing the latter at least 30mm centre-to-centre. 

In the next step, you should screw each deck board down with two screws into each joist. If you want them to lie diagonally, the builders will clamp each one with a workbench. You should mark the ends at an angle of 45 degrees and cut them neatly using a handsaw or circular saw. After screwing everything correctly, the builder will swathe edges in one line with the sub-frame. 

Last, but not least

You can make your deck stand out of the box by adding a feature like an angled corner. That is relatively easy to achieve provided you are working with reliable Northern Beaches builders for a home extension. To make this possible, all you need to do is cut both the outer and inner joists of the sub-frame to your required angle and fit and cut the deck boards to match. 

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