List of Tips for Responsible Electronic Recycling in Sydney

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How often do you upgrade your phone, revamp your appliances, and replace your electronics at work or home? Majorly homeowners don’t give importance to the environmental considerations when you buy the latest iPhone or the next generation LCD TV, but how you dispose of e-waste has a considerable influence on the environment. If you upgrade your electronics, adhere to the following enumerated tips to execute electronic recycling of waste responsibly in Sydney.

Four core ways to execute electronic recycling of waste responsibly in Sydney:

It would help if you never disposed of your e-waste in the bin, which applies to batteries. These junk items consist of toxic substances that can contaminate landfills. Hence electronic recycling of waste must be executed responsibly in Sydney.

1)      If the gadget is still working:

If it is a working phone or device, you need not recycle it. Optimise its lifecycle by donating it to a needy cause. Seek for Organisations like Work ventures and Computer Bank Hunter who would deploy your legacy electronics to commendable use.

2)      Identify a responsible electronic recycling service:

Identify a responsible recycler near you if your said device is not working. Because much e-waste is shipped to landfills in developing nations for sorting or burning, it is imperative to check with your recycling service. Converse with them about how electronic recycling will be handled and whether they possess any certifications or recycle in place of the strict Australian standards. It is worthwhile in identifying one entity that processes and carries out your electronic recycling in a responsible manner in Sydney with negligible influence on human health and the environment.

3)      Explore your local recycling alternatives:

Understand the alternatives available in your area. You might seem to be able to dispose of your e-waste or have it collected. Identify who accepts your old electronics and check with the manufacturer to confirm if they would take the used items back. For instance, with its renew program, brands like Apple lets consumers recycle devices in their stores or online. 

Some retailers like Harvey Norman would take back old TVs and other e-waste if you plan to purchase a new one from them. Phones tend to be easy to recycle as recyclers would often possess a free mail service, and you don’t have to drop it off or arrange a collection. Hence it is necessary to execute electronic recycling in Sydney by exploring various local recycling alternatives.

4)      Set an e-waste recycling policy:

If you are into business, it is essential to have a recycling policy for your workplace e-waste. Large organisations can leverage from having a waste audit and establishing targets to eliminate your e-waste. You would want to include secure-erase processes in your policy to safeguard private and confidential information. Whenever possible, consume less. 

When you have to upgrade your devices and appliances, you need to prioritise responsibly recycling your old equipment. Explore your various alternatives and identify an accredited recycler or one whose process confirms strict standards. By ensuring your electronic recycling of the waste in Sydney carefully, you would support a healthier planet.


Homeowners in Australia dispose of umpteen computers, phones, and TV annually. Electronic recycling of waste consists of everything from phones and computers to TVs, copiers and scanners. Since it includes anything with battery power or circuitry or electric elements, your old washing machine, refrigerator and dryer are also considered electronic waste. It is imperative to keep stock of what electronic waste you possess in your home or workplace and prevent it from becoming unnecessary clutter. Hence electronic recycling in Sydney becomes significantly imperative and mandatory.

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