What advantages do you get from the frameless glass pool fences?

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Having frameless glass pool fencing at St George makes it easy for you to monitor your kids. It does so by offering you a complete view of the pool area with no obstruction at all. You can see what they are doing every time they are in the pool or close to it. In fact, having frameless glass pool fences helps you monitor your kids from almost anywhere in your house that affords you a view of that area.

They are the most stylish option in this regard :

It goes without saying that frameless glass pool fencing at St George is the most stylish option that you have among all the different types of fences. It is the most contemporary one too. This is the reason you would see these fences usually in the high-end homes, hotels, and resorts across Australia and around the world. The landscape design appeal that you get from these is simply amazing. When you have glass pool fences, every space feels open, clean, and integrated. It also helps that these days all the top companies in this industry offer you various options in this particular segment too.  

It is very difficult to climb over them :

As opposed to the traditional pool fences, it is really difficult to climb over these fences.

In frameless glass pool fencing at St George, your children would not get the foothold they usually get in the conventional pool fences. These glass fences are flat, which means no matter how determined your young ones are to scale the barrier, they could not do so.

They let you enjoy your backyard :

Backyards are an important part of Australian homes and with frameless glass pool fencing at St George, you can make the most of the same. Having them ensures your yard does not end at the pool. It also makes the outdoor area in your home feel a lot more spacious than it is.

They are really strong :

The companies that make these glass fences use the best materials, such as tempered glass that comes with a thickness of 12 mm. When they are being made, they heat them to 700 degrees Celsius at the least. Therefore, they are so strong that even if you drop them on concrete, they will not break.

This means that when you have frameless glass pool fencing at St George, you do not have to worry that it may get damaged by poor weather, changes in temperature, or your kids.

They need little maintenance :

This is where these frameless glass fences differ from the likes of their metal and wooden counterparts. This is because they would never suffer damages such as fading, rotting, or rusting. All you need to do is rinse it with mild detergent every day. This would remove all dust and dirt from the glass surface.

They are completely compliant :

This is also a major benefit of these products. They agree with the safety standards applicable in Australia for pool fencing. However, for this, you have to buy them from a proper company.  

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