Plumbing Problems And How To Avoid Them!

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We make many mistakes around the house that require us to call the plumber in surry hills. Anytime can be the wrong time for a plumbing issue. There are various steps you may take to prevent significant plumbing troubles.

Numerous plumbing issues might arise in your home. These consist of the following:

  • defective water heaters
  • leaking pipes
  • plugged or overflowing sewers
  • leaking or brimming washing machines

If these issues are not resolved right away, they could result in significant water damage. Therefore, it is crucial to seek the professional assistance of plumbers in surry hills as soon as possible to avoid more costly damage and repairs caused by these plumbing issues.

The following are some typical errors individuals make and how to avoid them to prevent any further blockages, floods, or breakdowns:

  • Drain cleaning with chemicals

Many individuals employ chemicals to unblock or clear their drains, but this rarely has a lasting effect because they rarely complete the task. The chemicals can damage the drain pipes and the equipment used to clear the obstruction, in addition to being too solid and unsafe for you to use. Grease and hair that become lodged in pipes are the leading causes of blockages.

  • Using the toilet as a trash can

Even though they have a flush, you shouldn’t throw away personal cleaning supplies like wipes, tissues, toilet scrubbers, makeup remover pads, etc. They take a while to break down and may eventually clog the drain pipe.

  • Unaware of the location of the main water valve

Every emergency shutoff valve in your home should be located, and the main water valve. It would be best if you also learned how to shut off these valves while at them. Although it’s a simple process, plumbers in surry hills are there to guide you through it for free if you need it.

  • Using in-stall air fresheners

Did you know that many people enjoy the blue water that drop-in fresheners produce? These tablets frequently include substances that degrade when submerged in water. The tablets also break down and have a chance of getting lodged in the flush valve, which stops the toilet from flushing.

  • Failing to change the hoses

Since a water hose burst does not give any prior notice, replacing the rubber hose in the washing machine and dishwasher every five years will help prevent future flooding. It is suggested by a plumber in surry hills to Use stainless steel for all the water lines when you replace them.

  • Putting too much into the garbage disposal

Never put too much food down your garbage disposal, nor should you dump grease or fibrous stuff into it. Instead of jamming a lot of waste down the disposal, feed it slowly while running cold water.


Any appliances, such as washing machines connected to your home’s plumbing system, should also be inspected, cleaned, and repaired. Avoid pouring grease or large food chunks down the drain, and if at all feasible, use a water softener. 

While regular maintenance won’t protect you from a plumbing catastrophe, it can keep your plumbing system in good shape and lower the likelihood of a crisis when a plumber in surry hills does the work. These are some crucial pieces of advice that will help you avoid unpleasant mistakes that would otherwise result in blocked drainage.

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