Should I Wait To Buy Additional Solar Battery Storage For My Solar Setup?

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Waiting for the right time to install a battery to your already existing setup should be a carefully weighed decision. While it is not really to decide, there are things to be considered thoroughly before it is done. The solar battery storage cost is the first and foremost one. Then there are other considerations as well. Here, we have tried to help you through the process of decision. You must weigh the pros and cons before making a decision on adding battery storage to your unit. According to the Australian Energy Council, nearly 15% of the country’s households have already installed a solar system on their roofs. 

The experts are also of the view that the Australian solar revolution has already begun with over 1.6 million households already have set up the solar panel system to draw power during the need of the hour. In this way, they have reduced both the electricity bill and carbon print. Solar power is quite a cheap source compared to electricity board. The singular hiccup in this system seems to be the fact that the batteries are charging during the day and the inverters are converting energy to store during the day with the help of sunrays to be used in the evening when it is recognized as the peak time. This is forcing them to send the energy back to the grid and buy it again. 

 According to the Climate Council, Australians are paying around 20-35c per kWh to import power to their households as compared to receiving only 5-8c per Kwh for their energy export to the grid. This is not a very bright picture; on the contrary, it is quite bleak unless another alternative is being used. After all, the ideal situation should be a combination of saving money along with a cutback in bills. To achieve these additional solar batteries can be added and the solar battery storage cost will not be more than what you are already spending on your electricity bills. 

Advantages of Solar Battery Storage:

Adding a solar battery is a great way to boost the storage of power inside the solar panel. The battery will enable you to store the surplus energy that is created by your panels during the day to be used during the peak consumption hour. The energy stored sometimes is in a huge amount which will help you to almost double the power consumption during peak time. Incorporating a 4-5kW battery into a residential solar system can enhance the generated power to 30-60%. This is quite a boost considering the consumption in households. 

1. The Expenses:

The solar battery storage cost used to be high even a couple of years back and due to this they never achieved the popularity they should have earlier. Thanks to recent technological advancements the batteries now come cheap thus making them affordable for most households. The solar battery storage cost was slashed by 14% each year between 2007 and 2014. Experts are of the opinion that the cost will fall even more making them a more viable option for consumers. According to the prediction by experts, the number of households consuming solar energy should increase exponentially by the next decade. 

2. Is it Worth for You:

If your primary interest lies in reducing your carbon footprint, then adding a battery for energy storage is the most natural step. But it is also a calculated step forward if you are interested in saving money by reducing your electricity bills. However, in order to make a sound decision, it is imperative that you compare the solar battery storage cost along with installation cost to the money you are probably going to save from paying electricity bills for a stipulated period of time. This makes it a more tangible situation for you. Your personal consumption pattern, motivation, and circumstances will determine whether it is the right choice for you or not.

3. Choosing a Solar Battery:

Choosing a solar battery is not easy but it is not a mammoth task either. The solar battery storage cost depends on the storage size of the battery, its level of efficiency, and of course lifecycle. With more efficiency and storage capacity your battery will live more and thus will cost more. You can opt for another method. If you are waiting before you can add batteries, then install a solar system that lets you stack batteries on top of each other so that the overall storage capacity increases. 

4. Options Available:

Should you wait before buying an additional battery for your solar system also depends on the kind of options you choose from. While installing instantly is a good choice for some, waiting it out until the price drops, even more, makes sense to some buyers. During that time, you can spend money on preparing the system for an additional battery later on. Moreover, it is not just the battery, you cannot forget that all inverters and batteries are not compatible and that the inverter is the one converting the energy from DC to AC which is the consumable form. Also, you need a system that can charge itself even during a cloudy day which means a powerful system is a requirement. Discuss it with professionals who are willing to help.

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