Things To Know About Shower Screens In Sydney

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Shower screens are a very important part of modern bathrooms. To put things in a normal sense, these screens act as a barrier between your bath shower and the rest of the bathroom. There are various aspects of shower screens that you need to understand before you install them for your place in Sydney. We will discuss some of the important aspects of these screens here below: 

Types Of Shower Screens 

The first thing that you need to understand is the types of shower screens that you can install for your place. There are various types of such screens available in the marketplace. We will discuss some of the most popular options here below: 

  • The most common option is a straight shower screen. It can fit along the edge of a straight bath.
  • L-shaped shower screens are much like straight shower screens, but they also consist of a short, perpendicular panel at the far end. 
  • You can also go for a curved panel. This panel is a must to fit over a p-shaped or curved bath. 
  • Sliding shower screens are a quality and unique option as well. It extends across the length of the bath and can be slid back to about half the original length. 

Choosing The Right Shape And Size 

Depending on the space available at your place, you can select the right shape and size for shower screens in Sydney. Here are some of the shapes that will prove to be quality for you: 

Straight Bath Shower Screens 

If you need to install a shower screen that’s simple and minimalist, you can go for straight bath shower screens for your place. In case you need these screens for children or people with accessibility needs, this option is going to be extremely quality. You can choose the size of the shower screen as per your own will. 

Sliding Bath Shower Screens 

The sliding option of shower screens is quite worth it as well. It will add great luxury to your bathroom as well as your entire place. It is a screen that extends across the length of your bath. You don’t have to compromise on your space either, thanks to its sliding feature. 

Folding Bath Shower Screens 

This particular option can be fitted onto straight and L-shaped baths and come in both inward and outward folding designs. By going for an infold shower screen for your place in Sydney, you can deal with the limited space in your bathroom efficiently. 

Choosing A Finish 

The last thing to do regarding a shower screen is to choose a finish for it. You should try to find a style that suits the overall theme of your bathroom design. There are majorly three types of finishes available here: 

  • The first is the transparent screen, proving to be quality for modern and traditional bathrooms alike.
  • The mirrored option will be having an outward-facing side. If you need additional privacy at your place, this will be worth it. 
  • The frosted finish will not allow you to see through completely, but it will still provide light through it. 

Define the shape of the screens along with their finish nicely. We are sure that you will add quality shower screens for your bathroom in Sydney! 

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