Top 5 Reasons Why You May Need Kitchen Cabinet Replacements

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Summary – High-quality kitchen cabinet replacements can dramatically alter the appearance of your kitchen. Here are the signs of cabinet damage you need to look for.

The notion of getting kitchen cabinet replacements has almost become obsolete with the rise of kitchen cabinet refacing options. After all, if cabinet refacing services are available for modest prices, why opt for costly replacements? Refacing is also sustainable and gives homeowners authentic-looking cabinets for fractions of the cost of replacing. However, not all kitchen cabinets respond well to refacing. 

If your kitchen cabinets are structurally solid and only have aesthetic issues, cabinet refacing is the most affordable and sustainable option. But, if your cabinets have structural issues, replacing your cabinets with customized installations is the only way to make your kitchen look new. Here are some signs of cabinet damage that homeowners must notice – 

1. Structural Decay 

Signs of structural decay make kitchen cabinet replacements inevitable. It’s just a question of time – how long can you go with a malfunctioning kitchen cabinet? Not for long. After all, structural damages can easily lead to health concerns. Some glaring signs of structural damage in kitchen cabinets are – 

  • Rotting frames that are rusted beyond damage. 
  • Multiple water-damaged spots are covered in mould.
  • Wooden cabinets often get chewed by pests or sometimes pets.
  • Swollen wood due to long-term moisture exposure.

Lastly, the wood may simply be falling apart. Irrespective of the reasons behind the structural damage, these damages need to be addressed immediately and getting kitchen cabinet replacements is the only viable solution. 

2. Warranty Period is Up 

Sometimes, kitchen cabinets simply outlive their potential. These situations are common for people who move into homes that have low-grade cabinets pre-installed. For instance, a cabinet structure made of MDF is guaranteed to not respond well to refacing. In fact, most kitchen cabinets don’t last longer than ten to fifteen years unless they have multiple laminated layers or if they’re made of premium-quality wood. If your cabinet structures are cheap, refacing won’t do you any good and kitchen cabinet replacements are the only sane option. 

3. Complete Remodelling 

If your dream kitchen doesn’t consist of your existing cabinets, refacing is an impractical option. You’re better of getting customized kitchen cabinet replacements. After all, your cabinets need to suit the new kitchen layout. If budgeting problems arise, opt for partial layout changes and partial cabinet replacements. Reface some cabinets while completely replace the ones that you don’t like. 

4. Health Concerns

Some cabinets attain a musty and disgusting smell over the years. Refacing these cabinets is pointless as the smells return every time. When dealing with such scenarios, getting kitchen cabinet replacements are the only way out.

5. When Refacing is Costlier than Replacing

There are situations where refacing may cost more than kitchen cabinet replacements. For instance, kitchen cabinets made of metal, as durable as they may be, respond horribly to refacing. Refacing metal is very expensive. Homeowners are better off investing in low-cost wooden substitutes. 

Cabinets will be the first thing anyone sees when they step into your kitchen. These structures also preserve and protect your food. If you’ve noticed these five warning signs, don’t waste time considering less-expensive solutions. Have your kitchen cabinets replaced! 

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