Things You Should Know About Subway Tiles

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There’s no doubt regarding the fact that subway tiles splashback is a fantastic option available with you. It has been a great choice solely for a number of its advantages. These tiles work perfectly well for splashbacks and have got durability as well. But there are some interesting facts about subway tiles splashback that you might not have come across yet. We are going to talk about all such aspects regarding it.


The usual thought is that subway tiles splashback are supposed to be rectangular. If it is not rectangular, it is not considered to be subway tiles. The assumption has surely not been able to pass the test of time. It was true in the case of classic subway tiles. A classic subway tile would generally be around three to six inches. But these days, the same tiles are almost twice in terms of length and width. So the matter of fact is that these tiles can not only be rectangular but square as well. The number of designs is expanding, and so is the demand for these tiles. 

Variations In Material 

The classic subway tiles would be made in ceramic form. These used to be thin and low-fired tiles. But these days, new variations are occurring to it. These tiles are available in the form of glass and stone material as well. It increases the number of choices for the people. Some people love to have glass all over their place, while others desire to bring stone material. Since each type of material pertains to its own set of benefits, it will come down to what people enjoy more at the end of the day. 

Wide Range In Price 

There’s a wide range in price of subway tiles splashback. Some of these tiles will be available for $1 per square foot, while others can exceed up to $60 per square foot. This range in price tells you a lot of things. One of the foremost things is that this option can be installed by literally anyone. If you have got a low budget, you can choose an economical range. If you want to make your place more luxurious and classy, you can choose glass or stone options for the splashback. 

Think About Grout 

When you’re thinking about subway tiles splashback, you have to think about the grouts at the same point in time. The secret of good looking tiles is quality grouts. Most people will look at tiles as a whole and don’t even consider grouts as a solid option. If you choose grout nicely, it can change the look of your tiles completely. 

You will get a thousand patterns to choose and at the end of the day, it has to be that one final decision that will prove important. But you also have to understand that subway tiles are suitable for splashbacks. It’s not even an option for the floors. So if you’re considering a flooring option, you have to look elsewhere. But subway tiles splashback is one of the best choices you can make if you go about things nicely! 

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