Considerations To Make Before Choosing An Industrial Air Compressor

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It can be both exciting and stressful to see your business grow. Most of the time, your air compressor is one of the things you will need to think about upgrading. When your compressor from a big box store cannot keep up with how much air you need, you may need to look into industrial-duty air compressors. Industrial air compressors can be a lot to learn about.

The same logic can be used for industrial manufacturers: no one should buy a compressor without first knowing all of the operational parameters of the application.

This article will discuss some of the crucial things to consider when looking for an industrial air compressor for sale.

Know the Landscape:

Whether they are petrochemical, liquefied gas, inert, or something else, industrial gases are often moved to speed up a process, load or unload goods, or recover vapour. These substances have different ways of handling, so it is up to the operator to ensure that the correct type of compressor is chosen for the job.


It is essential to consider what is needed, required or wanted besides the compressor itself in all applications. What kind of base or skid do you need? What about drivers and controls to ensure the equipment works well and is safe to use? If the unit needs to be oiled, what kind of oiling system is necessary, and what kind of filtration is required?

The heat of Compression:

When choosing an industrial air compressor for sale, the specific heat ratio of the compressed thing is taken into account. This ratio tells how a gas reacts to the heat of compression, which tells how many stages are needed and whether the equipment should be cooled by air or water.


What this means is, where will the compressor be installed? The ambient temperature and altitude can also affect how the compressor works, so a model that works well in colder places may not be the best choice in hotter places like deserts or countries near the equator.

Duty Cycle:

This shows how often the compressor will have to be used. For example, will it run nonstop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or just occasionally over some time?

Lubrication System:

Reciprocating gas compressors can work in a wide range of industrial product-transfer tasks, such as speeding up a process, loading, unloading, and recovering vapour.

Before making a final decision while purchasing an industrial air compressor for sale, you should think about some things listed above. Since each application has different needs and requirements, work with the supplier or the compressor manufacturer to determine what package components are available and which ones will work best with the application.

Also, the compressor’s ability to control leaks is something to think about regarding lubrication. Therefore you need to think critically while looking for an industrial air compressor for sale. When reducing or getting rid of fugitive emissions into the atmosphere is becoming more critical, some compressor designs that need lubrication in the upper cylinder and valve area do not have a gas-sealing section called a distance piece. This way of making a compressor could lead to higher leakage rates, which could be bad for the environment.

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